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Thread: Hilton Grand Vacations Club ROFR info.... Reported sales the last two months...

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    I didn't know that "authorized resellers" were no longer part of HGVC. After looking back at her add, it never did say she was an authorized reseller, however I am sure that is what she said on the phone. Even looking at how others have changed their adds in the last few years, most change their add to "specialist" or something similar wording.

    None the less, Diane did (or at least gave me the impression) that she went through the Hilton or some other sort of list, to match me up with a willing seller.

    In the end, the transaction was simple, straightforward, passed ROFR and she matched me up with what I needed. Compared with eBay and the outfit that I dealt with before, it could not have gone smoother.

    Sorry for any confusion.

    BTW the timeshare was 5000 point, Gold 2BR, HGVC Las Vegas Strip for the poster that was asking.

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    I just won an eBay auction for a 3500 point Red week at HGVC Las Vegas Strip for $100.80.
    I'm sure it will be picked up by Hilton with their ROFR.
    Anyone more optimistic than me ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadBarry View Post
    I just won an eBay auction for a 3500 point Red week at HGVC Las Vegas Strip for $100.80.
    I'm sure it will be picked up by Hilton with their ROFR.
    Anyone more optimistic than me ?
    3500 point week is a 2BR in Silver season ("red" season is an RCI term, not used by HGVC). Since maintenance fees in HGVC are based on unit size, not number of points, this means you would be paying the same MF every year for your 3500 points as a person who owns a 2BR Platinum season week, but they get 7000 points every year.

    Given that, I think there is a good chance HGVC will waive ROFR, as no one really wants a Silver week -- it is just too expensive in the long run. If I were you, I would seriouly reconsider your purchase...


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    Hi Kurt,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Should Hilton not invoke ROFR, my plan is to hold this HGVC Las Vegas Strip timeshare for 4-5 years (a few trips to Vegas and swapping into other resorts).
    Hopefully by then i can sell it back for the original cost plus broker fees and be square (other than MF).
    I agree that a Platinum week is wiser, but for $100.80 purchase price against a few thousand I think this should be a good deal for a 2 bedroom suite in Vegas.

    Bad Barry

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    Yes, if you are only planning on holding it for a few years, it might make sense. But make sure your expectations are correct. Even though you are buying a 2BR, HGVC is totally based on points when it comes to internal and external (RCI) exchanges. You describe this as a "red" week, but because it is only worth 3500 HGVC points, that will only get you a studio in a HGVC property during Platinum season (w/ some points left over), or a 1BR in an RCI property in "red" season. The only way you would get a 2BR anywhere would be to travel during off-season (non-"red") time.

    If the MFs are worth that "trading power" to you, then it is a good deal. With your purchase price, you certainly don't have much to lose when you are ready to sell it. You might even make a profit!


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    Any updated ROFR data since Rikki's last major post?? Where does one get this info?

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    Quote Originally Posted by night0wl View Post
    Any updated ROFR data since Rikki's last major post?? Where does one get this info?
    From Rikki.
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    In the past I supervised all the affiliated brokerages for one of the world's largest timeshare marketing companies. For years, that company compiled lists of tens of thousands of sellers for just about every timeshare program. My job was to sell as much of that inventory as possible. I accomplished that by "feeding" close to a hundred cooperating brokers resale listings and therefore I was able to easily see the specific details for the vast majority of their sales.

    I could ask other Hilton brokers to jump in, but to be honest I doubt I'd trust the info since I wouldn't be able to verify it. The HGV "specialists" are always blurring the rofr line- either to convince buyers they can sell it to them for a little less than the other guys or to convince sellers that they can sell it for a little more than everyone else.

    Currently- the HGVC ROFR trend seems to be pretty simple: $1. per point (or even a little less) for gold and silver- $2. per point for platinum (if you can find any). Hilton has done a tremendous job of removing platinum resales from the secondary market.

    Many brokers will advertise they have platinum inventory, but very few actually do....
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    Anyone recently receive a ROFR Waiver? IF so, what kind of contract?

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