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Thread: DRI THE Club - Specials and/or offers

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    HE Club(R) at Diamond Resorts International(R) Announces a New Affiliate Destination

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    Saw this in my e-mail this morning. Don't know if this is a nice place or not. However, the all-inclusive fee is quite steep. At more than $500.00/day, that's several thousand dollars for a weekly stay. For six people, it's not a bad deal. But for a couple, or family with children, it puts the cost of a stay out of reach. Too bad they aren't willing to pro-rate the cost according to the number of guests.

    PS - I've never stayed at an all-inclusive resort. Are these fees similar to what others charge?

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    Announcing a New Benefit from THE Club(R) at Diamond Resorts International(R)

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    Links to KBC & Poipu Point websites

    I'm not sure if you are aware that two resorts managed by Diamond Resorts International, Poipu Point and Kaanapali Beach Club have formed websites designed to keep owners informed in an effort to gain enough support to regain control of the boards that make the decisions for these two resorts.

    CDOPP Home Page

    Go to the websites that I listed above and get involved if you want any chance of protecting the value of your vacation in Paradise.

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    Quick Getaways at Reduced Points

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    Special Offer & Dates

    Here's my special offer!

    Join now because sooner or later you won't be able to afford your vacation in Hawaii.

    Kaanapali Beach Club Owners Collective
    Because we care about your vacation and our vacation resort.

    Because they care about your vacation and their vacation resort.

    Don't bother to join if you don't mind paying Diamond Resorts $3.5 million in management fees on top of the $3.9 million in administration fees!!!!

    Dates to join the websites: NOW...

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    PLEASE do not be taken in by DRI.

    They promise you can have a vacation wherever you like whenever you like. They promise your management fees will not rise by more than inflation. They promise a whole lot of other things that make their timeshare sound wonderful.

    For many people, this just isn't true. You cannot give Diamond Resorts points or weeks away to people for free because it is so difficult to book the accommodation you want and their management fees rise so steeply.

    Please don't get bitten - literally hundreds of people are desperate to get rid of their timeshare with Diamond Resorts. Don't become one of them!

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    Quick Getaways at Reduced Points

    Be careful when booking these resorts at the reduced rate. Sometimes the rate reflected is the full rate. I have called the service center about this and get a bunch of nonsense that these reduced rates only go into effect if the reservation date is 59 days or less than the current date. I know from experience that most of the reduced rates are correct but for some reason certain resorts, particularly Orlando area, are incorrect. I always thought it was just an IT problem but I could not get the call center to budge even though I was able to point out the mistakes by using examples on the online reservation center. I was put on hold an inordinate amount of time on two different calls and was not allowed to speak to a supervisor. Bottom line is to make sure rates are correct when booking.

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