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Thread: link for acronyms

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    link for acronyms

    With a lot of new people coming to the site, who are new to timeshares and a few comments about the acronyms. I decided to look for our thread and found them all here

    I'm not sure if this belongs in this forum, so feel free to move it elsewhere.

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    I'm curious why I sometimes see 'coupons' typed as 'Q(sic)pons.' Does that mean something specific? I thought it was just an abbreviation of sorts, but it seems like it would be harder to type than the word coupon, so now I'm confused!

    I might be wrong but I think that is mostly where mods have edited posts/titles that say Qs... I've seen the same thing with for example, MIR being edited to say MailInRebate instead.
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    Q-pons sounds like the phonetic mispronunciation of the word coupon. I suppose it will soon be in the dictionary as an acceptable form, if it isn't already.

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    I am not surprised. I got burned last year on two rentals with her. I know she had some family personal issues that took her away from the business for a number of months. I tried multiple times to contact her to no available.
    Time for a hold of her once when she started working again and then got the avoidance thing very quickly and never got a hold of her again. How did you find out about the bankruptcy?
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