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Thread: Marriott & II - you don't need 3 resort/dates!

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    Marriott & II - you don't need 3 resort/dates!

    I was on the phone with II yesterday regarding a Marriott exchange - the short story...I was able to get a 2BR at a resort where I already have a studio exchange in the next 4 weeks.
    Because the LOVELY Angela found it online at 7 am, I used a different week to grab the 2BR and had to call back during business hours to get MAR II to switch the exchanges .....

    Anyway, when I asked them to reinstate the ongoing search for Aruba in March 2009, they asked if I wanted to put the Christmas dates in too - I said, it didn't matter as I really only was interested in the one week at the 2 Marriott Aruba resorts and the II rep said,

    "With Marriott to Marriott requests, you don't need the 3 date/3 resort - you can request one resort and date and that is it."

    I had suspected this to be true as on other occasions, I have been able to request one resort and one date but hearing it confirmed is a good thing.
    Online, you still have to request the combination of 3 - but if u really only want one resort and date, call II Marriott desk and they will grant your request.

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    That is good to know.

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    thats great to know i have been requesting 3


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