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Thread: SFX Informational Chat - Oct 17, 2007

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    SFX Informational Chat - Oct 17, 2007

    Attached is the Chat log for the Oct 17th Chat session here at

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    TS4MS Chat with San Francisco Exchange Company
    October 17, 2007

    bigfrank -> : OK guys start when you're ready
    Mark @SFX -> : I wouldn't have it any other way
    GrayFal -> : Hello mark - thanks for agreeing to this chat
    mshatty -> : OK, here's the agenda for tonight.
    Mark @SFX -> : Frank et al... thank you for inviting me,
    mshatty -> : AGENDA: 1. Introduction 2. FAQs 3. Posted Questions 4. Open Chat
    GrayFal -> : okay mshatty sounds good
    mshatty -> : I will be copying the information put together for 1, 2, and 3. Then Mark will take on the open q & a's in 4.
    mshatty -> : So, I'll start now
    mshatty -> : The San Francisco Exchange Company (SFX) was founded by current President & CEO Mel Grant in 1992.
    mshatty -> : Mr. Grant saw the need for creating a highly specialized vacation exchange company which would create a network of only the highest rated, highest quality resorts in the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe and, eventually, expand into the other continents as well.
    mshatty -> : Today, SFX is rapidly approaching 100,000 members and operates a worldwide network of elite associations and has aligned itself with the most strategic and respected brand name resorts in the timeshare industry, all recognizing the exceeding value proposition of The San Francisco Exchange Company.
    Mark @SFX -> : now over 115,000 members
    mshatty -> : Our core business model is a network of strategic alliances between preferred quality resorts; a Boutique Exchange Service specializing in resorts that are designated with the highest industry ratings for both location and quality of resorts; not to be compared with the standard exchange company timeshare model.
    mshatty -> : We do not consider SFX as a replacement for any core exchange service you may be affiliated with, SFX is a premium Boutique Exchange Service that can be layered above other services thus creating a far greater value proposition for the prospect.

    mshatty -> : How does SFX access space?
    mshatty -> : SFX only invites those who own in the best located and preferred quality resorts to participate, unlike other systems with various levels of quality. This is called "Market Matching". If everyone has something that everybody wants, then you have a system of equitable supply and demand, and SFX only accepts the high end range of resorts. In addition to Member deposits, from time to time, SFX obtains special inventory directly from quality resorts in larger quantities of available space than SFX may have immediate requests for, and this enables us to frequently confirm requests expeditiously.
    mshatty -> : Am I posting too fast?
    Mark @SFX -> : no
    mshatty -> : II. FAQ’s
    wackymother -> : No
    mshatty -> : 1. Can we be a member of more than one exchange company? Yes. Regardless of any affiliation your resort has with an exchange company, as an Owner of your time, you have the right to request the service of any exchange company you want. An exchange service is a separate and distinct optional component to your timeshare purchase
    mshatty -> : 2. What are the primary differences between SFX and other exchange companies?
    mshatty -> : SFX vacation exchanges have a higher consistency of quality, greater flexibility and less cost. Also, instead of only having access to the inventory of one exchange company, via SFX you can access resorts that are in multiple exchange companies.
    mshatty -> : 3. How far in advance should be request an exchange?
    mshatty -> : For prime time and high demand locations, it is suggested to make your request at least 8-12 months ahead. Most resorts do not allow space reservations more than 12 months in advance. For non-prime time and high demand locations, it is suggested to make your request at least 3-6 months ahead. For non-prime time and low demand locations, try to make your request at least 2 months ahead. There are no absolute rules or guarantees for this process, as it is driven primarily by external market factors, seasonality, and ongoing changes in availability of new and existing inventory due to new developments and occasional renovations of existing properties.
    mshatty -> : Probably the most important rule is, be as flexible as you can with dates and/or locations and Deposit your week Early.
    mshatty -> : 4. Can we take back our week after we have deposited it with SFX?
    mshatty -> : As with other exchange companies, once your week is deposited, it is relinquished to SFX to be booked by other members, and cannot be taken back. A week is redeemed only by an exchange to either your home resort or another property.
    mshatty -> : 5. When will an agent contact us with a confirmed exchange?
    mshatty -> : We will contact you immediately upon achieving a match of your request. Sometimes this is immediately when you contact us, because of available inventory we have placed in our system, and other times we have to initiate a search for you. We do not disturb you each day or week to tell you that we are still searching, as we know that you really want to hear from us only when we have obtained what you want.
    mshatty -> : It also helps us to efficiently work for you by not having you feel that you need to call us each day/week to check on how we are doing. We are working hard for you each day, and will call you ASAP, when we have the match for you.
    mshatty -> : 6. What are the SFX Gold and Platinum cancellation policies?
    mshatty -> : All fees (membership and transaction fees) are non-refundable.
    mshatty -> : Cancellation of an Exchange or Bonus Week: If more than 30 days prior to arrival, you will receive a credit for another week. If less than 30 days prior to arrival, you will only get a credit for a replacement week if your unit is booked by another Member.
    mshatty -> : 7. What memberships do you offer?
    mshatty -> : Gold Membership
    mshatty -> : Free Membership – No annual membership fees. Exchange fee - $149 Domestic or International Deposit first (A deposit first is required prior to placing a request) Can make a request up to 12 months in advance.
    mshatty -> : Platinum Membership
    mshatty -> : The primary benefit of Platinum is, you can Request First or Deposit first. However, if receiving a Bonus Week is more important to you, then you are required to Deposit a qualified Prime week
    mshatty -> : Free Guest Certificates** (Save $29-$49 compared to other exchange companies). Discounted rates on the SFX Sell-off list Free one-size upgrade of unit size. (Subject to availability). High-grade Bonus Week. This can be requested from 2 days to 1 year in advance*. Can request up to 18 months in advance. Membership fee: $199 for 3 years; $299 for 5 years. Exchange fee only $129 domestic or international. (Save $20 compared to Gold Membership). $20 rebate off your Bonus Week when confirmed
    mshatty -> : III. Posted Questions & Answers
    mshatty -> : There were some questions posted that we did not get to prepare for. Sorry to those who posted late this afternoon
    mshatty -> : Does SFX ever plan to put out a printed directory not only with resorts, but with policies and procedures explained?
    mshatty -> : SFX: Being in an electronic internet information highway era, it does not make much economic or practical sense for most companies, especially timeshare exchange companies to spend hundreds of thousands /millions of dollars printing hard-copy brochures and then have to deal with additional time and expense of distribution and postage.
    mshatty -> : One of the reasons you pay around $89 a year in membership fees to the other exchange companies, is to help pay for those directories. If the major exchange companies were formed in recent years, I am pretty sure they would be taking the same route. They spend millions producing and distributing those brochures, which are almost out of date by the time they are published.
    mshatty -> : Even with a number of progressive resort developers, they will be using flat screen monitors during their sales presentations instead of hard copy media.
    mshatty -> : Bonus weeks are usually for 1BR units. How does one upgrade to a 2BR? What are the costs associated with this?
    mshatty -> : SFX: When you place your request, note you will require an upgrade to a 2br in the comments box. There is an upgrade fee of only $149 in addition to the bonus week price.
    wackymother -> : If we have questions about an answer, do we ask now or hold our questions till later?
    mshatty -> : You can ask now
    wackymother -> : Regarding the print media question
    wackymother -> : Obviously we are all computer literate, but many people are not. A surprising number of people are not.
    Mark @SFX -> : is there a question?
    Glitter -> : I would rather not see SFX increase its costs for what I think is a shrinking demographic, and a minority
    wackymother -> : Perhaps you could do simple printed catalogs, not big phone books like II and RCI, that would broaden your appeal to more potential members
    wackymother -> : It would increase awareness of the company
    wackymother -> : It might be a worthwhile marketing investment
    Mark @SFX -> : we certainly understand the point of view. However, we are in a time and place where at least 97% of our customer base does have a computer and prefers to transact that way.
    Mark @SFX -> : Truth is, we have to go with the numbers
    wackymother -> : That is your CURRENT customer base
    Mark @SFX -> : correct
    GrayFal -> : interesting #....
    wackymother -> : This might be a way to expand your customer base
    mshatty -> : We are going to continue now
    Mark @SFX -> : thanks
    mshatty -> : I really like the email updates regarding an ongoing search. When I check online, I can see the dates and the area I am searching - but I can't see the comments. How can I check the comments? - it would be helpful to see what I have added to better manage my weeks. I would also like the ability to update the comments online - will I be able to do this in the future? And if I do update, is there a way the vacation counselors are 'notified' that a change has been made? example: I am searching for a 2BR in Cancun Mexico - my plans have changed and a 1BR would be acceptable - I would like to be able to change this online.
    mshatty -> : SFX: Good point.
    We are constantly improving and modifying our website. Viewing your
    comments online is in the works and hopefully will be implemented within
    the next couple of weeks. You will be able to Edit your comments box,
    and an agent will be notified electronically with these edits are made.
    Right now we have in place a feature, where an agent is notified every
    time you edit all other features, so adding this feature to the Comments
    box is certainly a good feature to add.
    mshatty -> : From which point based TS companies will SFX accept inventory?
    mshatty -> : SFX: They key is, if they are Crown or Star rated resorts, in high demand locations… we would accept them. Some of the points-based brands we accept deposits from… Hilton, Wyndham, Worldmark, Shell Vacations etc.
    mshatty -> : There are only few more ?s to go
    mshatty -> : In the future, will SFX be doing any special promotions to attract deposits from the East Coast? Could SFX partner with any East Coast resorts to get more inventory on this side of the country? The SFX relationship with Sloane Gardens in London is fantastic, is there any chance that they will be developing exclusive trading partnerships with any other resorts here or abroad?
    Glitter -> : When this one's finished, I would like some clarification about cancellation of bonus weeks.. if a bonus week is cancelled in advance of 30 days, is the fee for using the bonus week forfeited, but another week is given in its place to be used at the same cost as the original bonus week, with the same expiration date?
    mshatty -> : OK
    mshatty -> : SFX: Our promotions are already for all areas that we accept weeks from, including the East Coast. Our company is built as a network of strategic alliances that have a "special relationship" with various resorts. Some people feel we do not focus much on the East Coast, when in fact this isn't true. Our primary demand for the Eastern regions of the US are: New England, Manhattan, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Florida. This also the same way we operate internationally, with alliances in Canada, Caribbean, Western Europe and the Far East (China and Thailand). Demand is what our members ask for, and these are the areas we focus on. Of course, this is an ongoing process, as new relationships are an integral part of our agenda.
    mshatty -> : OK Glitter, ask
    Mark @SFX -> : I believe there is just a rebooking fee of about $50. I can double check this for you tomorrow
    mshatty -> : Does SFX still extend the dating on weeks already deposited when an additional exchange week is deposited?
    Glitter -> : ok, thanks Mark
    mshatty -> : SFX: Extending a member's week by an additional year, is only offered if you are participating in one of our deposit your week special promotions. It is not offered after the expiration date of the promotion. The whole idea of these promotions is to get people to deposit their weeks as soon as possible, rather than just sitting on them and waiting. It's early deposits that create space availability sooner rather than later.
    mshatty -> : Does SFX accept deposits 2 years out?
    mshatty -> : SFX: Yes.
    mshatty -> : Can we call to make changes in a search, or are we supposed to e-mail to do that? Can we call to ask if anything is available in a location? Can we call to discuss a search with a rep?
    mshatty -> : SFX: Yes, you can call to make changes in a search or email us. However, we have spent many thousands of dollars in giving you the tools to login to your online SFX account, and make any of these changes 24/7, with the convenience of not having to speak to an agent and in your own time, as it pleases you.
    mshatty -> : We have over 115,000 members, and as with any high-volume transactional business that wants to remain profitable and a viable service to its customers, we try to encourage members to transact online, not only is it a great convenience for Members, but it also keeps costs down, and efficiencies up, and is more productive for everyone. If everyone called and didn't use the marvel of the internet, costs would dramatically increase, and guess who pays. It's in everyone's best interest to keep costs down as much as reasonably possible.
    Arline -> : The last time I had a deposited week, I had difficulty getting an acceptable exchange. So before it expired, I expanded the dates and vacation options. Did every change put me at the back of the line?
    mshatty -> : OK, that's 1, 2, and 3. As I said there were some late questions. Mark is open for answering questions. Please understand he cannot reveal proprietary information that his competitors would like to know. Ask away! Mark it's all yours.
    GrayFal -> : good question
    Mark @SFX -> : not necessarily.
    Mark @SFX -> : if you were asking for completely different locations and or dates, then yes.
    Arline -> : That's what I did to get an exchange before my deposit expired. That is very frustrating.
    Mike H
    Wyndham Fairshare Plus Owners, Be cool and join the Wyndham/FairfieldHOA forum!

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    Mark @SFX -> : it certainly is frustrating when you do not get the exchange you want. Unfortunately exchange companies get blamed if there is no availability, kind of like blaming the travel agent if the hotel or airline was full.
    Mark @SFX -> : Without reviewing your account, it is difficult to respond
    Spence -> : Mark @SFX When will we be able to 'see' what's sitting in the bank at SFX from out online accounts?
    Arline -> : Good question
    Mark @SFX -> : Mike, I believe one of the advance questions I sent you covered this...
    wackymother -> : Spence, I'm not sure I understand your question, could you clarify?
    Mark @SFX -> : why can you not see inventory online with SFX?
    Spence -> : Looking to see online availability
    mshatty -> : Sorry, Mark, I must have dropped that one
    Arline -> : If we could see what is available to exchange online, we could help you do your work.
    wackymother -> : Oh, yes. That would be great.
    Mark @SFX -> : Mike, do you see the email I sent you on this one?
    wackymother -> : While Mike looks, can I ask a question?
    Mark @SFX -> : yes
    wackymother -> : Does SFX do any advertising? What kind?
    Mark @SFX -> : We advertise to those who own at qualified resorts, so we mail the owners directly, and of course we deal directly with developers. This end of the business is all about inventory, and those are the primary sources.
    mshatty -> : Mark was the email a separate one from the real long one? If so, I must have lost it
    wackymother -> : So direct mail advertising?
    Mark @SFX -> : yes
    Mark @SFX -> : Okay, I will answer the earlier question
    Mark @SFX -> : Why can we not see and book online exchanges like with the other exchange companies?
    Mark @SFX -> : Here we go...
    iconnections -> : I have a suggestion and that is to post often to tell people to check with their timeshare HOA and ask them to exchange with SFX.
    iconnections -> : and have them advertise it instead.
    Mark @SFX -> : About 80% of the timeshare world requests about 20% of the best timeshare space. The space you can see online for booking with other companies, is space they have No Requests for from their members. The top 20% you never see because there is always a
    Mark @SFX -> : queue for it, and as soon as it gets deposited... it gets booked and you do not see it.
    billymach4 -> : 80/20 rule!
    Mark @SFX -> : Correct.
    Mark @SFX -> : You don't see that 20% with the other exchange companies, and you don't see it with us either, because the 20% is what we specialize in.
    Mark @SFX -> : If we have a bunch of space just sitting there waiting for people to book it, ask yourself... what is the quality like?
    Mark @SFX -> : Our inventory has the highest demand, and that's our business model. Our business model is very different to RCI and II.
    Spence -> : You can say that, but I VERY OFTEN find great high demand time/place units online with DAE and II. I used to with RCI also, but I boycott them.
    Mark @SFX -> : People use us because of the higher consistency of quality. No other exchange company specializes in Gold Crown and 5 Star.
    Mark @SFX -> : I am not saying they don't have good quality. But that is only a percentage of their inventory, where it's 100% of ours.
    bigfrank -> : Mark, Is there going to be more east coast resorts in the future.
    Spence -> : So, is the answer to my original question.... We never plan to let you see our available inventory online??
    Mark @SFX -> : We access as many East Coast resorts as we have demand from our members.
    Mark @SFX -> : We only go after space that members demand.,
    Spence -> : Mark @SFX, you haven't directly answered my question!
    Mark @SFX -> : Sorry...
    Arline -> : Would it be better if you request a multitude of resorts, in the same area, or just general areas with any available resorts?
    Mark @SFX -> : That top 20% layer of quality is not viewable with the other exchange companies or SFX because the demand is greater than supply, there is always a queue for it, so as soon as it comes in... .it gets booked. At the top end of space, it never sits around
    Mark @SFX -> : waiting for people to book it, there is always a queue.
    Mark @SFX -> : So... based on that business model, no.
    Jim McLaren -> : You're saying that even if you had online lookup, there would rarely be anything to see?
    falmouth3 -> : I've had great luck getting my requests, but it would be very nice to browse. You may have something in inventory that I'd never thought about going to. But from what you seem to be saying is that as weeks come in, they get assigned.
    Mark @SFX -> : You are always better off requesting the area you want to be in, and let us find you a good quality resort.
    Mark @SFX -> : Falmouth3: Generally yes.
    Mark @SFX -> : When demand is greater than supply industry wide, at that level there is very little that sits around. Unfortunately...
    bigfrank -> : Does SFX ever plan to charge for an upgrade fee so that the people who do not own 5 star can get a 5 star with their lower trader for a fee.
    Spence -> : Mark @SFX I think I understand your business model but that doesn't preclude seeing available inventory, I feel like I'm asking 'Madge'
    bigfrank -> : Spence you're not even close to asking Madge, It is not even close.
    Spence -> : BF, now that would not be part of their BM
    Arline -> : Trading Places often has five star/gold crown resorts available online for us to exchange, and a higher number are available at the last minute.
    Mark @SFX -> : Spence... I apologize if I am not explaining properly. In understanding the model, the model dictates there is nothing to see if the demand is greater than the supply, and there is always a queue. You don't see this space with the others, so what makes you
    Mark @SFX -> : think you would see it with us?
    Spence -> : So you're saying that you have nothing in inventory right now to see??
    Spence -> : not believable
    Mark @SFX -> : Why?
    ArtsieAng -> : You can see many 5 * with II, months in advance
    ArtsieAng -> : I see them every day
    Glitter -> : I think Mark is saying that whatever may be there will be given out to requests
    billymach4 -> : Mark, Without going into specifics how does SFX perform exchanges. It there some sort of automated process? Or is someone searching spreadsheets making the best match?
    Mark @SFX -> : Yes, but not in all areas and for the highest demand areas.
    Glitter -> : I would hope also offered to members as "close" matches
    wackymother -> : At one point I called SFX and asked for anything available all up and down the entire eastern part of the country and they only had one--in Orlando.
    Mark @SFX -> : slow down a little here... I am not a fast typer
    GrayFal -> : So Mark, are you saying that based on OUR requests for an exchange - you look for that exchange for us???? You TRY to get what we ask???
    GrayFal -> : LOL< sorry!
    GrayFal -> : you have all of us thinking - which is GOOD
    Mark @SFX -> : slow down...
    Mark @SFX -> : trying to read some of your questions.
    Mark @SFX -> : Thanks. Ok... BillyMach
    Mark @SFX -> : performing exchanges
    wackymother -> : About how many reps does SFX have working on exchanges?
    mshatty -> : Please let Mark check up on the questions
    Glitter -> : wacky, and everyone, please stop for a bit and let mark catch up
    Mark @SFX -> : As soon as the request is in the system, it automatically searches to see if there is an exact or close match. If there is, then the member is called immediately. If not, calls are placed to our network.
    wackymother -> : Sorry, I type fast!
    billymach4 -> : thx
    Mark @SFX -> : We are not allowed to disclose the number of staff.
    Mark @SFX -> : Spence: We have space constantly flowing in and out of our space bank. But none we show online, unless it
    GrayFal -> : oops - got kicked out!
    Mark @SFX -> : s the selloff list about 60 days in advance.
    mshatty -> : Mark could you answer Grayfal's question?
    Mark @SFX -> : Sorry... which one?
    mshatty -> : This one: So Mark, are you saying that based on OUR requests for an exchange - you look for that exchange for us???? You TRY to get what we ask???
    tonyg -> : Let's not ask any more questions until Mark asks for a new one- he is after all badly outnumbered here.
    Mark @SFX -> : As soon as the request is in the system, it automatically searches to see if there is an exact or close match. If there is, then the member is called immediately. If not, calls are placed to our network
    Mark @SFX -> : above is the answer to Grayfals question
    mshatty -> : Thanks Mark
    mshatty -> : Ready for some more ??
    Mark @SFX -> : yes thanks...
    mshatty -> : Slow and kind please (instead of fast and furious)
    Mark @SFX -> : BTW... an independent audit for 2006, shows we had a 92% fulfillment rate of all requests, whether it was first or second choice of offers.
    falmouth3 -> : That's very impressive.
    ArtsieAng -> : that's good to know...thanks!
    Mark @SFX -> : Thanks
    Glitter -> : Are there areas that SFX is more interested in getting deposits from, that might earn stronger trade power... as in areas that demand exceeds supply within your system?
    Mark @SFX -> : Good question
    Glitter -> : though not too well articulated, sorry
    Mark @SFX -> : Areas all exchange companies want more space from is Hawaii, NY, London, Paris, Southern Cal Coast, ski weeks.
    mshatty -> : I own Wyndham/Fairfield points. If I am going to deposit a week with SFX, should I call or email and ask if there is a particular FF/Wyn you would like for me to deposit?
    Mark @SFX -> : What area is it in?
    mshatty -> : All of the Wyndham/Fairfield resorts
    mshatty -> : That is those that qualify for SFX
    Mark @SFX -> : I believe their Hawaii properties will give you the highest trading power. Any week during Jan-March, or June -September.
    StressCadet -> : Can I piggyback that same question with Worldmark?
    Mark @SFX -> : Yes
    mshatty -> : OK. But say you needed a Las Vegas week or Sedona, would you tell me so I could deposit that one for SFX?
    Mark @SFX -> : Yes we would, and we do appreciate it.
    mshatty -> : OK
    Mark @SFX -> : We are going through some major expansion.
    Spence -> : how so?
    GrayFal -> : I just stayed at a Worldmark resort for the first time and was very impressed with the quality
    Mark @SFX -> : We are buying our own building
    Glitter -> : I saw the pics, it looks great!
    GrayFal -> : congratulations - u must be doing well
    mshatty -> : Any final questions, the hour is almost up.
    Mark @SFX -> : which will be ready for occupancy mid December.
    ArtsieAng -> : I saw a picture of the building, and it looks very impressive.
    StressCadet -> : Mark-can you please address the Worldmark Resorts that SFX prefers.
    Mark @SFX -> : Okay....
    Glitter -> : I hope you aren't bartering with the contractors
    mshatty -> :
    billymach4 -> : Where are pics? on the Website?
    GrayFal -> : I stayed at Worldmark So lake Tahoe -VERY nice
    Spence -> : he wants to get an upgraded cubical
    Mark @SFX -> : Hawaii is always a great pick for their properties. High demand year round and good trading power.
    bigfrank -> : Mark any inside info on new resorts being built?
    Mark @SFX -> : Also their San Francisco property is a great trader.
    Mark @SFX -> : New resorts...
    Mark @SFX -> : ??
    Mark @SFX -> : Of course more in Mexico.
    Mark @SFX -> : You know, think about it
    StressCadet -> : Thanks-I guess I could also contact SFX like Mike and try to fill a need.
    bigfrank -> : What about in the East coast. I know Mexico.
    iconnections -> : Mark, how do the hotel resorts treat you ?
    Mark @SFX -> : whoa...
    GrayFal -> : ...nelly?
    Mark @SFX -> : I am not sure about any new developments in the East Coast. One thing I do know is, there is too much new development in areas of medium demand, and not enough in the high demanded areas.
    Mark @SFX -> : This too causes a traffic jam in the system
    falmouth3 -> : Mark, how much timeshare availability is there in Paris?
    Mark @SFX -> : Because you are adding more to the 80% than you are the 20%
    GrayFal -> : ahhhh, Paris!
    Mark @SFX -> : Paris:
    Mark @SFX -> : Sorry there is always very little availability in Paris, but the big problem is Lack of Quality resorts.
    mshatty -> : :thank you: :clap:
    Mark, thank you for your time tonight.
    Mark @SFX -> : I would rather stay in a hotel in paris than a timeshare
    iconnections -> : Do the big hotel chain resorts cooperate with you if there is a lot of demand for their units?
    bigfrank -> : Who wants to go there anyway.:canworms:
    Spence -> : Do you accept Royal Holiday's Paris 'Resort'
    Glitter -> : Nice try, Mike... Frank, behave
    Mark @SFX -> : Can I have the last word
    Mark @SFX -> : Please...
    mshatty -> : Please
    Mark @SFX -> : I want to thank Frank and Mike for all their support tonight... not done yet.
    Spence -> : Thank you Mark@SFX
    Mark @SFX -> : I also want to thank everyone that took valuable time out of their evening to participate. still not done
    Mark @SFX -> : Our company is fast growing, but always wants to emphasize our business model is very different to rci and I.I.
    bigfrank -> : I want to thank Mark and Mike, This is not easy putting this together.:clap: :clap:
    Arline -> : :thank you: :clap:
    Mark @SFX -> : You will see some very positive growth changes in the next 12 months.. .now I am done.
    mshatty -> : :bed: :drive: :canworms: :clap: :thank you:
    Mark @SFX -> : and thank you for your patience.
    Glitter -> : Yes, thank you both.
    flowergurl -> : Thank you Mark and Mike. It has been a very informative chat.
    mshatty -> : You did great!
    Mark @SFX -> : Thanks.
    wackymother -> : Thanks!
    falmouth3 -> : I appreciate this time and chat. Thanks to all.
    mshatty -> : Thanks to all who came! Let the chaos begin
    ArtsieAng -> : Thank you
    Mark @SFX -> : 3 for 1 Expiring October 31 !!
    StressCadet -> : Thanks everyone!
    billymach4 -> : Thank You
    Glitter -> : oh, right, the 3 for 1. gotta pay some MFs!
    ArtsieAng -> : Thank you Mike, and all that participated!
    Mark @SFX -> : Go pay them... and then call us.
    bigfrank -> : *choochoo*
    Spence -> : Very productive chat, rented out two weeks and bought another two weeks worth of points with the proceeds all in the last hour :new:
    Mark @SFX -> : Gee what's for dinner tonight ?
    Spence -> : dinner was two hours ago
    tonyg -> : It \'s past 10 PM here
    bigfrank -> : chat stix?
    Mark @SFX -> : 7:15pm here and hungry
    mshatty -> : Go eat!
    Mark @SFX -> : Good night, and thanks.
    Glitter -> : Night, Mark, happy dinner
    bigfrank -> : thank you
    mshatty -> : Good night and bye
    wackymother -> : Or as we say in the Northeast--Go, eat. You look thin!
    ArtsieAng -> : Mark...Thanks
    Mike H
    Wyndham Fairshare Plus Owners, Be cool and join the Wyndham/FairfieldHOA forum!


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