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Thread: Timeshare Clearinghouse vs. PCCs

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    Lightbulb Timeshare Clearinghouse vs. PCCs

    I corresponded through eBay, by email, and then spoke with eBay seller timesharekings to clarify some Sunterra info in one of their listings. They were very happy to get the information and immediately updated their listing.

    At the end of each of their listings they say "If you are interested in selling your timeshare please contact us via email"

    I spoke with the President of Timeshare Clearinghouse and he said if someone wanted out of their timeshare immediately TSCH would take it off their hands free of charge. While not optimal, this is a far cry from the PCCs who want 7X annual MF or $3500 for that privilege.

    If that same person wanted to wait and let TSCH work on selling it by auction or whatever, there was no up-front fee and a 50/50 split of the selling price obtained. So this is commission with no up-front fees.

    TSCH is listed by the BBB with no complaints, I can see this happening because they appear to be very straightforward about everything.

    Their contact info is:
    Timeshare Clearinghouse
    3404 Pemaquid Road
    Louisville, KY 40218
    ... not enough time for all the timeshares

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    Spence, thanks so much for this information. It sounds like a good alternative to the other donation processes now available. Jean

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    Spence...I hope that website is as good as it looks. I was pleased to see it is a timeshare AND campground clearing house. Some of our kids have been trying to find a place to sell or donate their campground membership in Silent Valley (Idyllwild, CA), so they're going to see how this works. Jean

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    My dad contracted with Timeshare Clearinghouse (TSCH) early in 2017. They were supposed to get him free of the timeshare (Silverleaf Resorts) he had been stuck with since my mother's passing. He paid them 9000.00 (via a brand new credit card he opened just for this purpose) and TSCH made initial contact with Silveleaf in March of 2017. TSCH was informed that Silverleaf does not negotiate with third party vendors but never communicated this to my dad. Instead they continued to pretend that they were in negotiations with Silverleaf up until Dad's untimely death in August of 2017. At this point, I discovered that Dad had contracted with TSCH and I took over communication. TSCH continued to claim that Silverleaf was stonewalling us but that they would "...get things done" and that it was "...just a matter of time." TSCH engaged in stonewalling themselves when they refused to show me copies of their communication with Silverleaf. At a certain point in January of 2018, I became curious if Silverleaf had even heard of these people who claimed to represent my dad so I called them. This is when I found out that Silverleaf had told TSCH that they don't negotiate with third parties-- ever. Period. This is also when I began my own direct negotiation So- my question is-- what services did Timeshare Clearinghouse provide for my dad that were worth 9000.00? That seems an exorbitant sum for the little (if any!) work they did on his behalf.

    Additionally- In a phone conversation on 04/12, Jay Bowling contended that a significant portion of the 9000.00 went to pay for the “vacation club” they enrolled my dad in. Jay had made this contention at least one other time, but it was directly contradicted by Mr. Kelso when we spoke on 03/12/18 when he described the club as a “throw in” or- to pararphrase- a nice extra that they offer to clients.



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