You may be a deeded owner who owns a specific piece of inventory at a specific location, or perhaps you own fixed/float or UDI intervals.

Below are a few facts of who you are, what you own, and your
entitlements as a new Club Sunterra Member:

Deeds are legal instruments of ownership and are in perpetuity.
Deeded owners are members of their specific deeded resort Homeowners
Association (HOA).
As a deeded owner, you completed an Assignment Agreement during the point of sale entitling you to a Club Sunterra Membership and converting your inventory to SunOptions.
You now have the option to travel to any Club Sunterra affiliated resort by using your SunOptions without any additional exchange fees.
You are also entitled to Home Resort Advantage (HRA), which is
a 12-month reservation window at a deeded location.
Home Resort Advantage (HRA) enables Club Members to make reservations at their Home Resort 12 months prior to their check-out date.
Please note: Reservations made during this time (10 - 12 month window) may not exceed, in total SunOption value, the number of SunOptions allocated annually in respect to the inventory assigned to Club Sunterra.
You will have a 10-month reservation window at all other Club Sunterra
affiliated locations.
Your Club Sunterra Membership also includes a membership
with Interval International.
You may exchange SunOptions through Interval International
for an exchange fee.
Your Interval International Membership fee is included in your
Club Sunterra Dues.
Club Sunterra is a Members-Only vacation exchange system that
provides Members access to an expanding network of resorts.