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    Kpaul - I'm glad you just posted these websites! I was not aware of the websites and I'm eager to help the deeded owners have some say in how our resort is run. If we all don't vote together, our voices will not be heard.


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    I'm not sure if you are aware that two resorts managed by Diamond Resorts International, Poipu Point and Kaanapali Beach Club have formed websites designed to keep owners informed in an effort to gain enough support to regain control of the boards that make the decisions for these two resorts.

    CDOPP Home Page

    Go to the websites that I listed above and get involved if you want any chance of protecting the value of your vacation in Paradise.

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    Owners and votes

    I must say that I think it's completely ludicrous that Diamond Resorts employees can serve on the board at all. That should be considered a complete conflict of interest and should not be allowed...because it results in the exact problem we have right now, which is a self-serving group of people running a homeowner's assocation for properties that other people actually own but have no control over.

    I feel strongly that the board should only be comprised of both deed and trust owners and all members should have voting rights with the votes being weighed by how many "points" are owned, etc.

    Then they would stop raising fees every year, maintain what we have, and stop trying to add more locations, more "features" and more of everything else that we don't really need or want. The fact that maintenance fees have gone up by at least 3% in each of the PAST 3 YEARS is completely crazy. If anything they should have gone DOWN! I cringe when I think about what will happen if the economy ever turns around and they feel inclined to start really sticking it to us. Pretty soon NO ONE will be able to afford the maintenance fees anymore and everyone will just jump ship altogether. Bad, bad news. They are killing the golden goose!

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