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Thread: Aruba restaurants and must do's?

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    Aruba restaurants and must do's?

    I can't find a thread on this... please direct me if there is one, I don't want to duplicate...

    but if not, I have friends leaving on 1/31 for five days, I would love to send them with a good 'great stuff/restaurant' list since their trip is so short... I already pulled Sunset Grill and Madam Janet's from Angela's trip report, as well as the De Palm snorkel trip...


    Pat, you still in Aruba?

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    Nope, I am here....
    Madame Jeanettes Madame Janette

    Flying Fishbone Flying Fishbone - our table was the second one from the right in the opening picture

    Pinchos Bar & Grill - Pinchos Grill & Bar in Aruba - on a dock in the water. Great for sunset drinks and casual dinner - our table was the one in the corner farthest to the right.....

    For a truely fun afternoon - Jolly Pirate - 3pm-6pm cruise Jolly Pirates Aruba There is a 15% off coupon if you book online at the bttom of this page

    Not my fav but very popular fpr MEAT eaters! - El gaucho El Gaucho Restaurant Aruba - HOME

    Another goody - Papiemento - Papiamento Restaurant

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    The light house was the most romantic on Aruba. Do tell them to make reservations early. Madam Janette's was excellent, I enjoyed El Gaucho because of the cigar bar across the street.
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    Avery.....We also did a lot of touring while in Aruba.....We thought that the 'Natural Pool' was fun, and worth going to. What ever your friends decide to do, tell them NOT to go to 'The Tunnel of Love'....It's really a Tunnel of Torture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfrank View Post
    The light house was the most romantic on Aruba. Do tell them to make reservations early.
    You can make all your resies via email.

    La Trattoria El Faro Blanco

    New York Times review
    La Trattoria El Faro Blanco - Reviews and Ratings of Restaurants in Aruba - New York Times Travel

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    A couple of other ones we enjoyed that weren't mentioned above are:

    Chef's Table (the chef was formerly the chef at Mirandi's),

    Aqua Grill welcome at Aqua Grill

    and Sole Mare. (No direct link but here are reviews) Restaurants Aruba - review Sole Mare

    All three were terrific.

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    Talking Aruba

    Two good WEB sites with a wealth of information for Aruba are: and Note: The resturant at the Lighthouse, has been known to add a Sales Tax to your bill. There is no consumer sales tax in Aruba. Most reaturants add 15% to the bill for a tip. This 15% is shared by all employees. If you get a great water/waitress, slipping them a little extra can bring on a great big smile and a BIG thank you.

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    We were back to Aruba for our 10 year anniverary last year and really enjoyed "Footprints" offered by the Hyatt.
    You dine right on the beach, watch the sunset and finish the meal and a bottle of wine or two by torchlight with nothing but quiet conversation and the lapping of the waves.

    Hyatt Aruba - Footprints
    Foot Prints Beach Grill offers memorable Ocean Front Dining | Official Travel News from Aruba

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    In addition to Flying Fishbone and Madame Janette, we would recommend Marina Pirata Restaurants Aruba - review Marina Pirata .

    At Flying Fishbone and Marina Pirata, tell your friends to make reservations that will allow them to watch the sunset while they're dining!

    Salt & Pepper Salt & Pepper
    and Smokey Joes Smokey Joe's Island Grill
    have more casual dining. The sangria at Salt & Pepper is our favorite!

    Linda's Pancakes (Linda's Pannenkoeken & Pizza) and The Dutch Pancake House have amazing dutch pancakes (more like a plate sized crepe than our American pancakes).

    Our favorite snorkel sails are on the Tranquilo and the Octopus.

    Can you tell we're anxious to plan another trip??

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