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Thread: On-Site Owners Forum Notes April, 2006

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    On-Site Owners Forum Notes April, 2006

    Every first Thursday of the month on-site Kona Billfisher owners gather together at the Gazebo for a meeting with a representative from the Management Company, (usually Paul Carr), Jim Currier (one of your Board of Directors), and Jim Bragalone (Resident Manager).
    The purpose of these informal meetings is to share information between owner & management, kind of like the purpose of this forum.
    I am posting for all who visit this forum the notes of these meetings.
    Feel free to comment on any of this items discussed.

    Kona Billfisher
    Owner Forum Notes
    April 6, 2006

    Attending were board members Jim Currier, and Emery Dube, Community Association Manager Paul Carr representing Certified Management.
    There were 17 owners recorded as being on site and 14 of these owners were noted as being in attendance of the forum.
    Jim Currier opened the meeting and introduced the board members and management. He asked the owners present to introduce themselves. The forum was then opened for questions.
    1. Furniture changes- Jim Currier explained that furniture is changed as it gets worn out, not all at once like it used to be done.
    2. Carpet Cleaning- There was a complaint about dirty carpets, it was explained that the carpets get shampooed every 6 month, but the can get a special cleaning if they get too dirty in between.
    3. Building Exteriors- Jim Currier explained about the replacement of siding and that Kimo will do them after the landings are finished.
    4. Furniture Cleanliness- There were some complaints that some of the furniture needed to be cleaned better.
    5. Pool Cleanliness- There were complaints about the pool not being cleaned on weekends. One owner presented a letter for the board on this and the cracking cement in the corners of the pool. It was explained that this has to be repaired about every 3-4 years. AE Carr will look into the weekend pool cleaning to find out why it isnít wasnít being cleaned.
    6. Inspections- Owners reported that they heard that the units werenít being inspected. AE Carr will make the inspection reports available for the owners in the office.
    7. CPR Certification- Owner made a suggestion that Resident Manager gets CPR Certified.
    8. Backside Lighting- A request was made to have lighting installed on the backside of lanais.
    9. Carpet Replacement- Carpets will be replaced on a case by case basis.
    10. Maintenance Shed- Jim Currier gave the ownerís an update on the storage shed.
    11. Water Machine- A suggestion was made to put a water machine at the Kona Billfisher for income and for convenience of the guests.
    12 Owners expressed appreciation for the new bulletin board and the change machine.

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