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Thread: Have you had a Covid vaccine? Which one?

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    Have you had a Covid vaccine? Which one?

    Covid vaccines have been in the news recently on many fronts. Have you gotten one? and which one?

    I got mine and chose Johnson and Johnson. Part of my reasoning was upcoming travel and the desire not to have to deal with 14 day quarantines crossing borders. The "vaccine passport" thing got me. But the other part of my reasoning was talking to my doctor when I went in on something else. He is very good about doing his own research on medical issues and not just following the crowd in the medical field. He is also a neighbor and friend and we are close to the same age. He acknowledged he had reservations about all of the vaccines, especially the mRNA ones, but he is recommending his patients who are either over 60 or have any of the risk factors on Covid get the vaccine, as he himself has done. He said that weighing the risk factors for those in any of these categories indicated that the risks related to Covid significantly outweighed any vaccine risks. He also said that the vaccine risk with Johnson and Johnson were in his judgment substantially less than the mRNA vaccines. That was also the one he personally chose for himself.

    I also have several doctors in the family, and all of them were slow to get vaccinated, but finally did, and all with Johnson and Johnson. They all expressed reservations about the mRNA vaccines.

    Actually getting the J&J jab proved a bit challenging. My own doctor's practice was sold to a large medical company and he told me that the company had not stocked J&J for some time and he had not been told when or if they would get any more. I found none available in my town, and the closest the local Wal-Mart pharmacy could find was in a town 50 miles away, so I drove there the next morning and was first in line. That was fortunate because they only had ten doses left of J&J. The nurse who administered the shot said she was not getting any of the vaccines for herself because she had concerns about all of them. Moderna was widely available locally but it is an mRNA vaccine.

    One of the hospitals here in eastern North Carolina closed its birthing center because all of its ob-gyn staff refused to get any of the vaccines. I read of the same thing happening with a hospital in New York.

    My own doctor told me that for his patients who were under 60 and did not have any of the risk factors on Covid, he was recommending they do their own research, try to read two articles pushing the vaccines and two that were skeptical, weigh what was said and make up their own minds.

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    Myself and my family all got the Pfizer
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    Moderna. I heard there were a few bad side effects for men over 50 with the J & J.

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    Pfizer for me.

    I got vaxxed as soon as I became eligible. I was scheduled for a shot within 4 hours after the eligibility age dropped to 65, and had my shot two days later. I took what was available; originally scheduled for Moderna, but when I arrived they were using Pfizer that day. It made little difference to me which one, and I wasn't given an option to pick.
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    One of the reasons I did not jump in early was that I wanted to see what side effects might develop as more people got the shots. My wife has a PhD in Medicine as well as her MD, so she has done a lot of research and I have checked out what she has found. She actually waited months after I got my shot until she got hers, also J&J. She got lucky in that the local health department had just received a supply of the J&J.

    I had no side effects at all myself, but she had a prolonged pain at the injection site, and minor side effects that continued for two days and then went away.

    My daughter in law, who is a medical administrator, got the vaccine as soon as it was available because she has additional risk factors, and what was available was Moderna. After the second shot, she was bedridden at home for three days with side effects. My son, who also has his MD, got the shot a couple of months after it came out and got J&J. He had no noticable side effects. They have decided not to get any of the vaccines for my grandson, as risk factors from Covid are very low for children and they do have some concerns about the vaccines. My son showed me a study that found that teenage boys who received the mRNA vaccines were six times more likely to develop heart inflammation from the vaccine as unvaccinated teenage boys were to be hospitalized for Covid. My mother in law also jumped in early due to her age to get whatever vaccine was available and it turned out to be Moderna. She had no noticable side effects,

    One medical practice in town required vaccination of all of their staff. One of the first to get a shot was a receptionist, who had an immediate severe reaction, and was taken to the emergency room and admitted to the hospital. That medical practice immediately dropped its vaccination requirement and is now apparently concerned about being sued by the receptionist, who is apparently out of the hospital but still suffering impacts from the shot.

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    I have had the Pfizer, my wife the Moderna. Both were done in Feb. Wife's through her school, mine was because I won the lottery for my age group.
    I had pretty much no side effects, my wife had a sore arm, but she gets that sore arm with every shot she gets.
    Both of us will be in line for boosters when available.

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    My wife and I took the Johnson Vaccine mostly because it is one and done. Neither of us had an adverse effect. I had wondered why and called the pharmacist. She told me most people didn't have any problem with the J&J vaccine.

    My wifes cousins wifes brother recently died of covid in Mexico. He was about 66 and fairly healthy. He was vaccinated with Moderna. It came on fast. He waited for 2 days and went to the hospital in Mexico. The place was full and it took all day to see a doctor. He died 3 days later. They probably should have drove him to the USA to be intubated.


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