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Thread: Are you planing on traveling this year

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    Are you planing on traveling this year

    We are not doing timeshares or hotels but we did rent a house on the beach in the outer banks NC with my wife's sister and brother and mom. Next year we plan on going back to Nola
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    Planning just 2 trips to our Maine timeshare. Thought about a week exchange to NH, but haven't seen anything I want yet. Maybe a trip to C the Cape in the fall, but only if the Pandemic is virtually over by then.

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    Just got back from 4 days in Palm Springs with DD, SIL, and DG. Planning to go to Houston in June to see DS and DIL. Hawaii in August.
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    We are going to Napa end of July and NOLA in early March. Have a couple trips scheduled for CMV/Wisconsin Dells during the summer for weekends.
    We have both gotten fully vaccinated, so feel a little better about travel.

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    We are heading to Orlando next week for 3 days, our first time flying. We have Las Vegas booked for October, and Boston in September. We are both fully vaccinated and I'm looking forward to feeling "normal" again.

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    After the crap I've been thru this year! Going to plan something at a Beach Destination. Hawaii sounds about right in the Fall. Maybe Costa Rica. Got plenty of timeshare crap carried over from last year. Looked on Marriott DC point and I came up with nothing. Let me check II weeks now?
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    Hi, honestly 2020 has been a very difficult year for us, so travel is guaranteed for us this year, I can't stand it for much longer!!! Just have to decide exactly where to go!)

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    We're taking our two youngest Grandsons to Oak N Spruce in a few weeks .......... REALLY looking forward to it!!
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    Our travel starts with the mountains and Jeeping until it gets hot. Then to the beach for a few weeks this summer. This year I scored one of the two penthouses with a hot tub and direct beach view. Taking the kids and grandkids. Nothing yet for fall. Winter is Hawaii then Mexico. The Mexico trip will be a bit different for us because of an exchange to the Grand Lux. It looks good in pictures but I know how that goes. I hope you all have some good trips this year.

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    I'm planning to travel to Asia.

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