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Thread: shortage of physical gold and silver

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    I haven't bought anything for a while now. The sdb's are full. Someday someone I know will be smiling when they open our sdb's.
    Had some funds I was not expecting yet come in today and wanted to put it in gold or silver while the market is in a dip. Now my source for German gold, that I just bought from, is out, and I could not find any bullion dealers that had any. Also came up empty on my other preferred gold coins - Austrian ducats, French Napolean III 20 francs, and Belgian 20 francs. Then I looked at bulk Canadian silver coins, and both of the sources I have used in the past are now out, one of which I had bought them from just a few days ago. I also can't find those anywhere else right now. I did find some British gold sovereigns, although a lot of dealers were out of those, too. I will probably pull the trigger on them tonight. Bulk US silver coins, as well as US gold coins still seem to have some availability but many specific products are sold out, and the premium over spot has really jumped on the silver.

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    Yes, the premiums are unbelievable. What is even more strange is the strong demand even with high premiums. I see adds for collectors offering good prices for silver and gold.

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    So far, the premiums on gold are not as bad as silver, but silver is the metal most people think has the most potential gain. I think part of what is driving demand is fear of what might happen to the US dollar as a result of all the federal spending, but that problem exists in a number of other countries, too, at this juncture. We are also looking at select foreign currencies, perhaps Swiss francs, Norwegian kronor, Swedish kronor, or even some Polish zloty. It really takes some close study of other countries national finances and their economies. Swiss francs seem the easiest to move into and Norwegian kronor, which would be my first choice, the hardest. My wife and I want to limit what cash we have in dollars, but the trickiest part is the retirement funds and getting those out of dollars. There are outfits that advertise that you can hold retirement accounts in your physical possession in precious metals, but from my research, the legal basis to do that is iffy, and we do not want to take that risk.

    My wife is particularly concerned about what is happening economically. When she was younger and living in eastern Europe she remembers one day where they woke up with enough money to buy an apartment but by afternoon of the same day it was only enough to buy a bicycle. Things can happen that quickly with an economy, and when it has happened to you once, you never forget it.

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    I don't know how about others, but I observe that gold is more stable than silver.

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    I don't know how about others, but I observe that gold is more stable than silver. One of my friends invested in silver at the beginning of this year, and he lost almost all he invested. It's very risky to work with silver now. From my point of view, we must take into consideration I keep investing in it since 2019, and from that time, I have already made a nice profit. In all this, I was guided by experts in this domain, and they taught me a lot of valuable tips and tricks. It's better to keep money in gold than in a bank.

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    I split between gold and silver and buy on the dips. Gold had a dip recently, and I managed to find a supply of Austrian gold ducats to buy. My gold is in historic European gold coins that have a low premium over spot - German 20 marks, French 20 francs, Austrian and Dutch ducats, and Austrian 8 florins, as well as US Liberty eagles and half eagles of the late 19th and early 20th century. My silver is bulk US and Canadian silver coins. British sovereigns are another coin I would buy but not while I can find German 20 marks which have the exact same amount of gold but are generally priced $10 or so cheaper.

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    Six months later, this situation is not changing much. The major bullion brokers have a very narrow range of inventory of bulk US silver coins compared to what they have had in the past, and the range of availibility of the major historic European gold coins is way down. I watch daily for the gold coins I am interested in, which used to be continuously availible, but now you have to grab them when they occasionally pop up or they will be gone again. That includes the ones still being produced like the various Franz Josef I gold coins being constantly restruck by the Vienna mint. There seems to be a sustained run on physical gold and silver, not yet fully reflected in the paper gold and paper silver markets.

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