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Thread: Timeshare Closing Service

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    Timeshare Closing Service

    When Buying, Selling or
    Transfering a Timeshare

    What's involved in the Timeshare Transfer and
    How do you select a Timeshare Closing Service

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    I have used LT Transfers several times. They are very reasonable and provide good customer service.

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    The one that wss/is located in Orlando is one I had problems with. I suggest anyone transferring a timeshare keep an eye on what happening with that transfer.

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    Very often your HOA can suggest an attorney local to the area where the timeshare is located.

    In many states, it is a criminal offense for someone to charge money for drafting a deed if they are not a licensed attorney in that state. From the perspective of timeshare owners, it is also important that what is required for a deed to be valid can vary from state to state, and using someone from another state to draft a deed may mean you end up with a deed that does not pass title, even if it gets recorded. As an HOA board member, I remember one incident where one of our owners from Tennessee got a friend who was an attorney there to draft a deed for a week at our resort on NC's OBX. The deed failed to include the seal that is necessary for a valid deed in NC (apparently TN does not have a similar requirement) and was therefore void even though it had been recorded. Some of these timeshare transfer services run by non-attorneys are even more likely to make such screwups.

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