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Thread: Worldmark Vancouver BC

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    Worldmark Vancouver BC

    I am a Wyndham owner, but now "supposedly" have some access to Worldmark. We are taking our granddaughters on a Disney cruise (Alaska) and thought a few days in Vancouver would be great for them.

    Has anyone stayed recently? I did some reading and it seems it is fairly easy to get around. However I have 2 main questions:
    how to get from airport to resort?
    how to get to cruise docks from resort?

    Appreciate any and all advice!
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    WM Vancouver is essentially on the edge of the downtown business district. When we visited, we took a taxicab from the airport to WM. It is about 10 blocks from the harbor. You can go one block up from WM and take a bus down to the harbor. However, if you have suitcases, etc., it will probably be easier to do a taxicab. Good luck getting a reservation.
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