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Thread: 2021 Massanutten Maintenance Fees

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    2021 Massanutten Maintenance Fees

    Weeks 1-26 and Floating Time

    Owner Statements were mailed out and Annual Fee and Bi-Annual fees are due January 1, 2021. Full payment of maintenance fee must be paid by the last business day of January.

    2021 Maintenance Fee for a
    Summit 4 Bedroom is $920.

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    That's not too bad for a 4 BR.

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    I traded into Massanutten a few times back when I was in the RCI game, and we enjoyed it. My son particularly liked it and has rented up there a number of times since.

    That maintenance fee is quite a bit higher than our current summer week at OBX, which we use every year ourselves. Our only exchange deposits left are with UKRE, so they will not be used in the US.


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