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Thread: Safe or relatively safe places in New England during Covid times.

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    Safe or relatively safe places in New England during Covid times.

    Just got back from Maine and would call it a pretty safe place to visit. Acadia National Park was open and most people in the area around Ellsworth wore masks and practiced social distancing. Some restaurants had limited outdoor and indoor dining, but we went with carry out instead. Only one bad experience at Pat's Pizza where they didn't seem to have a clue on how to do carry out. We ended up with an overcooked and cold pizza after a long wait for the take out window and have crossed that restaurant off our list of places to eat out. Every other restaurant seemed highly efficient and acted like they had done something like this before.

    New Hampshire was our July trip and we found masks not being worn in some stores and a general lack of concern for the covid. As a result, we did very little there as almost all the places we wanted to go were full of people- many without masks and no clear social distancing. Some attractions had lower attendance limitations.

    Connecticut seems to be relatively safe except for the Southwest Corner and a recent spike in Danbury. I'm not sure how things are down the eastern shore where CT's only timeshare is.

    Massachussets has several timeshares in the Berkshires and things seem pretty safe there. Can't say about the rest of the state and the Boston and Cape Cod areas.

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    Good to know, Been stuck here since March
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    Here on Long Island the infection rate is still low, and per NYS guidelines every student we send home with anything that even COULD be a symptom of Covid has to have a negative test to come back. So lots of testing and the rate is still hovering around 1%.
    Out and about everyone has to wear masks, and they are. I did restaurant dine in once, and felt comfortable with at least 10 feet between tables.
    I now see my family members and a few friends without masks on - opening up our circle a little at a time with people we trust to be as careful as we are.
    As a school nurse, my risk is up but I have enough PPE at school and I am feeling pretty safe right now.
    I have a few trips booked for 2021. We will see what happens.


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