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Thread: How was your July 4th

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    Thanks for caring. Was just ready for being able to get a haircut when I was told they shut us down again without ever being opened. Hopefully on next years 4th we can start anew.
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    Same thing happened here at the hair salon, only they opened about 5 days after they got the final go ahead. It was so good to get the hair shortened - took a weight off my mind.

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    We are back using our OBX timeshare again this year, and enjoying our 4th. Good weather so far, but the tropical storm is expected to pass by Thursday. The fireworks last night were the best we have seen here. Sitting on our resort beach observation deck, we could see the town of Nags Head fireworks being shot from the pier to our north and could look west and see the town of Manteo fireworks. But it was amazing the number of folks this year who brought their own and set them off all up and down the beach for about two hours. While a few people always do that, this year it was a lot of people. A real outpouring of patriotism in a year our country and its history has been under sustained assault. There are more flags being displayed here than we have seen in the past. The one down side has been a couple of restaurants that are among our favorites on the OBX have reduced their menu options due to staff shortages. Due to Covid, we are not seeing the eastern European college students we usually see who come over on "work and travel" programs for summer jobs.
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