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Thread: What foods do you miss most since the start of Covid19

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    We have too much food. I'm gaining weight with this covid 19 quarantine. I do miss the drinks and friends a bit.

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    Dim Sum! We can do take outs for some Chinese food, but all the dim sum restraints in the area are closed

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    Have no probs with food as food delivery is still on.

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    We may be missing a lot more in the way of food. The head of the NC Restaurant and lodging Association has warned that as many as 65% of North Carolina's 19,000 restaurants may permanently close due to the lockdown. Some in our area already have.

    It is maddening to think of those places which have left restaurants open like South Dakota, Sweden, and Latvia but had similar or lower disease numbers than places with draconian lockdowns that severely limited restaurants. That leaked report prepared by medical experts for the German government that called the coronavirus response a "global false alarm" comes to mind.

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