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Thread: What is it like where you are concerning Corona virus?

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    What is it like where you are concerning Corona virus?

    I'm in the Tampa area. Most things are closed. Finally closed all beaches last night. Restaurants are carry-out only. Most stores closed except groceries.

    Just wondering how it is other places. Please mention where you are located.


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    NYC is like a ghost town in some area's but in Queens there are few people walking people driving but a quarter of the cars were on the road
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    In NY, all non-essential businesses will close tomorrow evening. I got take-out Italian yesterday and the pizzeria owner said he may have to hire another driver to meet the demands for delivery. I was glad to hear he still had business.
    My brother was laid off from his electrical supply warehouse job (it was a retirement job for him, so he is ok).
    My daughter in law owns a dog grooming shop. She can stay open because she sells dog food. She is offering curbside service - call ahead and she will bring it out to the car.
    My son still can work - he does construction in NY City.
    The stores are still crazy and you can't find anything on the shelves. Some stores have opened an hour early for senior citizens only. It may have defeated the purpose because hundreds are showing up at one time.

    The hospitals cannot keep up with the demand for gloves and masks, and the healthcare workers are feeling vulnerable and angry. My other daughter-in-law works as an NP in a large university hospital and got sick. She just got tested for COVID 19. Results take 48 to 72 hours.

    I hope things are ok with you.

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    We are in Cupertino,California and it is back to like when I grew up in the area. Few cars, I see people walking pushing strollers,people riding bikes,joggers,walkers. The most excitement around seems to be mail delivery.
    Just received a phone call from the Retail Clerks Union telling us if we wanted to we could go back to working with no limit on hours worked till June and still receive our monthly pensions. I left in 2013 after 43 years because I was tired of it and my wife left after 42 years because she saw how much I liked retirement. Wouldn't matter how much they paid I would not go back. Funny how they want the most vulnerable people to return. I guess a way to get rid of pensioners.
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    Pretty quiet here, actually more so than usual. I've busy working on removing bamboo in the back yard. I suppose we will go shopping some time this coming week - hope the stores are not crowded. Last I heard we had 8 cases of the corona in the county and half or more of them in one town about 30 miles away. Neighbor across the street is in a recovery home after a fall injured herl. Mrs. tony is on cat duty there. Schools are closed along with all unessential businesses. No one I know has come down with the virus yet.

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    We're staying at home - maintaining strong social distancing. Meanwhile, the State of Washington is preparing to implement triage measures for COVID-19. The building caseload is likely to exceed available medical facilities. Some knowledgeable people say were tracking Italy, with about three months delay.

    Triage may arrive in Washington first. If it hits here, it's just a matter of weeks or a couple of months until triage is required everywhere unless people take the warnings seriously.
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    No cases yet in my county, although one each in county south and west of us. Only two cases in NC of community transmission so far.

    Most things are still open. Schools and government offices are exceptions. Courts are closed for a month. Libraries and recreation facilities, including the swimming pool I use, are closed. Governor issued executive order limiting restaurants to carry out and drive through, but its validity has been questioned by the lieutenant governor. State law gives the governor power to do that in an executive order with the "concurrence" of the Council of State. The Council of State refused to go along because they thought that it was premature and targeted one industry. The governor issued his order anyway, and it looks like restaurants are complying, although there are rumblings of lawsuits. The credit union where I have my accounts is sending everyone through the drive through windows instead of doing business inside.

    Gas prices are tumbling. $1.78 a gallon today.

    When out in stores, I am wearing my N95 mask and keep hand sanitizer in my pocket, but I see few others wearing masks. I had to pick some things up at a building supply business today, and they seemed to have normal crowds for a Saturday.

    Grocery stores are packed, with some things in short supply including toilet paper, fresh meats, and bread.

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    In Minneapolis: I am still working (wife-teacher is not). Most of the office staff are on a rotational schedule, some days in office, some days at home. I continue to work in office as much of my work is dealing with the physical files, not just the online reports. I also do CAD work, but I can't get the CAD program on my home computer because of licensing issues. There is talk about shutting us down, but no word on that. Driving to work is amazing, traffic is only 20% of normal.
    Our beaches are shut down as of September, well, at this point they are frozen. Ice out is about 3 weeks away. Regional issue, not virus related.

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    We now have 3 confirmed cases in our county, but no lockdowns yet. The county next door and its municipalities have 6 cases and are under lockdown. If you drive over there for a valid purpose, the police meet you ascertain your purpose, call to see if you can do your business and then take your drivers license, which is returned when you leave the county. In our county, one of the confirmed cases is someone who was in Italy and had attended a party at the Country Club here a day or so before he started feeling ill, so it is likely he may have infected others. The other two work at Walgreens and at Subway, so there is also possibility of community transmission there.

    North Carolina has had two deaths so far, one of them a woman from Virginia who was passing through and the other a woman in her 70s in Cabarrus County near Charlotte.

    I had been looking at possibly going back to work in eastern Europe in May or June, but I suspect that may be unrealistic right now.

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