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Thread: Any chip and PIN credit cards available in the US?

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    Any chip and PIN credit cards available in the US?

    I recall hearing rumblings some time back that some US financial institutions in the US were looking into issuing chip and PIN credit cards like the rest of the world uses. I used to have a Romanian chip and PIN card when I was working in Europe but closed that account. While the US chip and signature cards can be manually used most places, they do not work in financial machines like train ticket dispensers or automated gas pumps, and that can be a real pain.

    I never understood why US banks had to be different. The PIN actually provides security, but the signature provisions provides nothing. Indeed you can put just about anything on the signature line and it goes through. I have signed them as Ronald Reagan, Napolean Bonaparte, Robert E. Lee. Jefferson Davis, "not a signature", and lots of other things. The signature function is a joke. I never sign my real name or anything like it and the charge always goes through.

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    citibank has the chip and pin
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