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Thread: Morritts Grand Cayman Island

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    Morritts Grand Cayman Island

    I've been reading Trip Advisor on Morritts. I understand that it is on the East End of the island, a little more quite, I was wondering about peoples experience, "electric" charge, getting to 7 mile beach, etc.?

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    We went there and loved it. There are some members here who go there quite often and may be able to help you. It is in a very quiet area. There are a couple of dining and entertainment options in and near the resort, but not many. We rented a car from the place across the street to explore the island. The resort also runs day trips.
    We were there 5 days and our electric charge was just under $60 USD. We did not have a washer/dryer in the unit so we went to the public one by the pool. That saved on the electric bill. Also we turned the temp way up when we left the unit.
    We are returning in April because we liked it so much.

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    We loved it there beach and pools are great here. But You are a long car drive way from going to hell
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    Every thing cost more in Grand Cayman. We rented a car and drove to hell and back. We really liked Rum Point. Yes, there is an electric charge at Morritts. It was under $100 for a week in a two bed Tortuga unit when we went years ago. The dock bar was always fun. Next door is the Reef Resort and they have live entertainment. Ivan's at Morritts had live entertainment twice the week we were there. We went to Bodden Town and George Town but really fell in love with Rum Point. Heads up on alcohol prices. It was over $50 for a case of Jamacian Beers.


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