Once again we will be hosting our "annual timeshare owners get-together " at the Golden Corral, this year on January 22nd. Save the date!!!

We’ve had so many good times during these informal gatherings so hope you can join us this year too!!!

Golden Corral has been great these many past years to let us have a corner and STAY a LONG time, if we want to – and we have!. The staff has always been great ( consequently we do try to give them a nice tip.). This get-together is very informal, with no presentations of any kind, just sharing with each other.

We try to change chairs whenever we get a new plate ("musical chairs") so then everyone gets to talk to everyone. That has really worked out well in the past few years.

2 pm

Golden Corral
8707 Vineland Avenue
Orlando, FL
(407) 938-9500

Hope to see everyone there this year, both old and new!!