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Thread: How to get to NYC Airports from Danbury CT?

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    How to get to NYC Airports from Danbury CT?

    I know TonyG may have some suggestions...

    Even before I moved out of Queens to CT I knew this was going to be a challenge. So far we have managed.
    I have a good friend that lives in Hewlett near JFK and we can drive and park at his house for long trips.

    However I need to fly solo sometimes and get to the airports.

    I can take the Metro North from Southeast near Brewster then from Grand Central take subway or get to Penn for the LIRR.

    There seems to be a CTLimo that picks up at some of the hotels in Danbury for a shared shuttle van. The reviews are horrific. But I have not yet tried them? One day I will have take a leap of faith.

    If the MTA can ever get the East side access tunnel to Grand Central finished then I can take the LIRR into Grand Central.

    Private car service is like $200. Amazing how airfare can be cheaper than ground transportation.
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    I haven't flown in ages, but we flew out of Hartford when we could and NY/NJ was either park and fly out of Newark or Limo to NY airports. Not very economical but had good luck. There's an airport north of the city close to the CT border, but I don't know if they do much commercial flights.

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    Generally, a good site to find airport transportation is


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