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Thread: Hi all. Been busy. Nice to drop in and say Hello!

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    Hi all. Been busy. Nice to drop in and say Hello!

    Sorry to be a stranger. I spent the last six months moving my Selling and Moving my Co-op in Queens. No longer a resident of NY or NYC!

    Sort of Bittersweet but it did not make sense to keep that place. I travel alot now for business and DW is a telecommuter. Sold that apt for bunch of cash.
    Now we have a nice townhouse condo in Danbury CT with a 2 car garage, fireplace, 2 BR, 3 bath, Deck.
    Common charges and taxes are 50% of what I was paying in Queens. Living in a Co-op was a pain in the A$$.

    The time was right!

    Hope all is well with everyone!
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    You bought a Subaru and freed yourself from NYC. Welcome to CT.

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    Oh nice you remember. Actually I now have 2 Suburoo's
    Great cars. My 14 Outback was totaled in January. Ins paid me off and now I have a shiny new 19 Outback
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    We used to stop in Danbury when my SIL lived near there. Have not been there in 15 years
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    After having been rooted in Queens for so long like you Frank it took alot to convince me it was worth it. We looked around. Long Island is just too expensive in terms of taxes. It's just over developed at this point. Despite the fact that I made a lot of equity in my coop it just did not make sense.

    Jersey, Rockland, Orange County, Westchester just over developed and taxed to the hilt. We got lucky and found something within our sweet spot. I just shake my head when I look around at the price of housing.
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    Billy go see Zebra they are playing right near you in Aug
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    Will definitely get tickets... If I am in town in Aug.
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