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Thread: Long time member Scott needs a Kidney

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    Relieved to hear this....thanks for the update. Wishing you well, Scott

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    This is real good news for Scott and I hope that he will feel much better soon. Wish him well, Frank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfrank View Post
    Wow, what a story. Social media can be a powerful tool. What a special person to donate a kidney to a complete stranger.

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    How wonderful and inspiring

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    Please excuse me, I'm a Dick. Not a moron just a Dick
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    He'll be Buff again soon.

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    I'm glad Scott gets what he needs. Never met him or most of you folks here but you all seem like pretty good folk to me. God bless you all !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLB View Post
    He'll be Buff again soon.

    Whats up .

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    Quote Originally Posted by easyrider View Post
    Whats up .
    Buff was the user name that Scott used when he and Frank started this site.

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