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Thread: Refund & Call Centers

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    Refund & Call Centers

    December 1, 2018
    Refunds & Call Centers

    1) Phone call, only hearing the caller:

    2) Yes, hello this is Jim Smith and I have been trying to get a refund for merchandise I sent back several months ago.
    3) Iíve placed 11 calls and spoken to a number of people, and we seem to make some progress, and then nothing.
    4) I really need to get this resolved today, as I am getting a little frustrated.
    5) Yes, Jim (J-I-M) Smith (S-M-I-T-H). My cell phone? 415-254-5182. My address? 104 Estates Drive, Orinda, CA 94563.
    6) Can I ask where Iím calling? Oh, I hear thatís a beautiful country. Can you give me more specifics, the town? Got it, great.
    7) No, it wasnít for me. Itís my brother who asked me.
    8) No, I donít know why he asked. When he gets in those moods, I just try and cooperate. He has some of the PTSD going on. So, he can be difficult at times.
    9) What does he do?
    10) Crazy, heís still in the military. He says he canít tell me exactly what he does; says itís classified.
    11) But I did some research. He commands a couple of squadrons of those Attack drones. You now the large silent ones with those GPS and laser guided, 5 kiloton bombs. Internet
    says they can take out whole cities.
    12) Why do you ask? Silence---

    Can I get my refund before 1500 hours your time?

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    Call centers job is very tough


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