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Thread: Reminder to use the link to Amazon to support this site

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    Reminder to use the link to Amazon to support this site

    I have made 3 purchases from Amazon this week, always clicking through the link on the top of this page.
    For any new members here, this site is paid for solely by Big Frank. He can get a small percentage of Amazon sales made by clicking through using the link above.
    It will not cost you any extra money by using the link, and your doing so will help lessen his burden.
    Christmas and Hanukkah are coming, so remember to support this site when you are doing your holiday shopping!

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    on my way!

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    The links do not show up on the top of my browser page.

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    Fixed. I needed to white list timeshare forums on my ad blocker.
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    I use the link (almost) every time I shop at Amazon.
    I haven't be buying many big ticket items, but still try to use the link when I am shopping.


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