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Thread: Political forum is

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    Political forum is

    Now open to 200 posting members and site contributers.

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    Trump is an _______
    Flying at MACH4 +

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    Fill in the Blank Post

    Donald J Trump is a great _______
    Flying at MACH4 +

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    I live 2 miles from Crazytown.

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    I really had doubts about Trump. Recently I noticed that my investments have been doing pretty good. I also noticed that many politicians on both sides don't like Trump. Being that these assholes don't like him makes me kind of like him. I think they don't like him mostly because he is costing them money. Same goes for the media. They don't like him but I don't really like them which makes me like Trump a little.

    So Trump prays , likes Christians, likes America, promotes Patriotism, supports workers way better than any President so far, imo, and I kind of like it.

    I wouldn't have voted for him but because the DNC screwed Sanders and I didn't like Clinton I really didn't have much choice. I'm kind of glad I did now. I am a registered Democrat but will vote for the better person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by easyrider View Post
    I am a registered Democrat but will vote for the better person.
    Me too. I have voted for many Republicans in the past. But that guy is such a jerk he makes my stomach turn. He reminds me of a school yard bully. When they call him out on bold face lies he is like "yeah? so what?"
    I'm interested to see what the mid terms bring.

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    Trump is awful, he's a liar, can't remember what he says and is a bully. I always said he'd be good for the economy and should have been treasurer. He scares the hell out of me !!

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    I really think all politicians bend the truth to suit them. The higher the office the more the truth gets bent. Too me, Trump isn't any better or worse in the truth spinning game but I will admit that there are many things being said about Trump that are absolute bs. The other day someone reported that Trump littered and would likely do so again. So what . I also wonder how much of my taxes paid is going to fund the resistance to Trump.

    I think the real liars are going to be investigated very soon. Some of the actions taken against the President by the FBI and DOJ seem openly treasonous.

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    Have another Kool Aid, Bill.

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    Only if your buying Tony.

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