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    Trump Trump Trump

    Oddly, nothing seems to be criminal about all of the things Trump did. Paying a whore with your own money not to go public is not a crime. Saying "grab them by the pussy" is not a crime. Why would anyone expect anything else from a rich guy that hung out in the changing room of the Miss America Pageants ? Kind of creepy but not a crime.

    Most people that voted Trump knew he was a wealthy playboy and voted for him because they liked his policies or didn't like the Hilderbeast.

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    Is that what they taught you at Trump university? Do you always like people who don't pay their bills? Do you contribute to charities that spend most of their funds for bribery and personal gain?
    A pig in a suit is still a pig even with orange makeup and a major comb-over. I've never seen a man so ignorant that continues to insist in his own greatness.

    Not sure if politics is acceptable in this forum

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    Flying at MACH4 +

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    Flying at MACH4 +

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    Funny stuff Billy !!!

    Did you know that Trump has said that the h-1b visa is "top enemy of the American worker" and has signed an executive order to try to curtail it. The problem is that anything Trump is for, every one else is against.


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