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Thread: Timesharing with family....argh!

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    Timesharing with family....argh!

    My daughter made plans to visit Disneyworld in January. She rented a unit from a DVC owner, going M-F.
    I can't take off the whole week, so I exchanged for a Su-Su unit, with the intention of arriving Wed. night.
    Then my son and DIL say that they want to come too. Great, I say. Come Sun - Sun and you can check in to the unit (2BR) without a guest certificate (his name and DH is the same).

    Then they tell me that DIL's mother would like to come for a few days. Good, I say, put her in the bedroom that we will have and she can stay Su-Wed.

    Then, maybe they would like to stay on site. I put in an OGS telling them that if anything, I will only be able to get a 1BR in Saratoga Springs and only if the TPUs come down to 50 or below to match what I have on deposit. (I'm not paying a combine fee, and no one mentioned reimbursing me ).

    Today, son asks me if DVC does not come through, can they get a separate 2BR off site because now maybe DIL's mother may stay longer, and maybe DIL's brother might want to come along.

    So...I explain that I won't know about DVC until about a month before (when they discount the TPUs ). If, at that time, it has not come through, I'm sure I can find them something in Orlando because it is a slow week there, but at that stage of the game it will be whatever is available.

    No, I can't book something now and then cancel if DVC comes through. It doesn't work like that.

    Even after 20+ years of timesharing, they don't have a clue.

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    Yup, clueless. My daughter said she couldn't go on a trip with us because we didn't give her enough time or maybe too much time. Anyway, I didn't get her a two bedroom unit for the beach this summer and somehow I am the person that messed it up.

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    Jacki, the problem is we masters make it look so easy.
    They have NO idea what it takes to get these great exchanges.

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    So true

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    I’ve long ago given up. I book a unit, and if i have extra room I will invite them.

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    Jacki, my dh still doesn't get it. He thinks I can just snap my fingers and get the time, and size, unit HE wants.

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    I don't play travel agent for anyone.

    I just say, "This is the location and dates when I'll be at X, if you want to join, be my guest."

    That's as far as I go with it these days and it ends all the frustration and flakiness.

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    My husband doesn't get it either. You have no idea how many units I've cancelled because he's changed his mind. I now just go, and if he wants to come along good if not I'm ok with that too. There's always someone willing to travel!
    “ Peace, if it ever exists, will not be based on the fear of war but on the love of peace. ”

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    Friends are no better.
    I just had a friend ask me if I can change an exchange for the week after.
    I've had this confirmed exchange for 9 months now and they were positive
    that they would be able to use it.
    Now they can't use it or can only use a few days.

    I bought the e-plus so maybe I can do some magic since it's not a DVC
    unit, but still it's a coveted resort and probably won't be able to do the
    e-trade until a week before if it even happens.
    I think I'm done doing exchanges for them.
    They are never going to get it.

    I may just end up using it myself.
    Luckily it's local so it's not a total loss but sheesh, they just don't get it
    when you say that it's non-refundable and non-changeable.

    So now she keeps calling me every day to see if I can check II and see
    if the re-trade comes thru.

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    A family member asked me today about our travel plans this winter. They had asked last winter and I had sent them the dates and destinations. So now they are thinking they might want to go. All I can do is check availability but I already know things are booked up.


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