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Thread: Full Time RVer wanting to get into timeshares

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    Full Time RVer wanting to get into timeshares

    I've been a full time RVer for a few years now and I'm thinking about giving that up so I can stay in one place for awhile. My wife mentioned that we should get a timeshare so we can have mandatory vacation time.

    How do I go about getting a timeshare?

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    Buy one on the resale market. If the Canadian ones don't turn you on, there are plenty in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Buy somewhere within driving distance that you will use and with joining an exchange company as an option for new places to visit.

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    Hi and welcome.
    It's easy to buy a timeshare but not so easy to get rid of it so
    choose wisely. Take your time and ask any questions you
    might have about exactly what you are looking for. We are
    happy to help you find the perfect timeshare.

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    Do lots of research before you buy one. There are lots of choices. Maybe consider a points system like Wyndham or Bluegreen which would give you access to stay at many different places without the additional cost of using an exchange company. Be sure to research maintenance fees before you buy because those are for as long as you own.

    You might check out also. They have a forum there where they give away a few timeshares. But you might want to spend a few months in research mode first to learn all about them before taking the plunge.

    Good luck. We are fulltime RVers but also own a few timeshares.


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