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Thread: Consolidating two timeshares

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    Cool Consolidating two timeshares

    We have two timeshares with HGVC, one at Tuscany Village, Fla., the other at Sunrise in Park City, Utah. Both are paid off. We bought the timeshare in Park City two winters ago for skiing, but the only unit available at the time was a three-bedroom in silver (non ski season) and we were told we could switch to platinum (ski season) when a unit became available. Recently a one-bedroom in ski season did become available. The offer is for us to sell the two units we bought (total of $20,339) back to HGVC and put that toward the price of the new unit at $43,490, for an added cost to us of $23,151. In so doing we would reduce maintenance fees by about $600 (because now we only own one property). This seems to me pretty pricey, but I would like advice from this forum as to whether this is reasonable or not. I am well aware of how difficult it is to sell these units on the market for anywhere near what we paid for them, but the options seem limited. We are under pressure to make up our minds in two business days, and one day is already gone. Help!

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    I'm not terribly familiar with HGVC, but you could buy 7000 points at Sunrise from Judy Koz for less than $5,000:

    That's enough to get you a week in a one bedroom plus in Platinum season

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    I could buy a few superb timeshares on the resale market for the price of that upgrade - don't buy new or upgrades.

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    Even if it enables us to get rid of one of our maintenance fees?

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    No no no! Throwing good money after bad. Give away your timeshare(s) - even if you throw in a few enticements you'll come out way ahead.

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    You would spend $23000 to save $600 a year?


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