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Thread: Where is everybody going this spring/summer?

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    Did Panama Canal cruise from San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale in March.
    Doing Alaska cruise/tour last of May-first of June.
    Doing Russian river cruise Moscow to St. Petersburg in July.
    Still looking at bargains for rest of year.
    M. Henley

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyg View Post
    Wind, sweat and maybe cool. Haven't been to Williamsburg since 2007, but we have spent a lot of time there- great place
    We live in Niagara Falls NY so windy and cool are normal.

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    we will be at Christmas Mountain for the summer, if that every arrives, and we will be at Little Sweden in Door County for the first week of June.

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    We will be spending the entire summer on Cape Cod....of course we live here, so nothing exciting. September will likely be Yellowstone. We may slip a few weekends in the Baltimore/Washington area.
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    Chris, when will you be on Marco island?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rapmarks View Post
    Chris, when will you be on Marco island?
    I'll be there April 30 to May 4th.
    I'll be at HGVC Eagles Nest.
    Wanna come visit me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chriskre View Post
    I'll be there April 30 to May 4th.
    I'll be at HGVC Eagles Nest.
    Wanna come visit me?
    That will be our last week here. In a fit f pique over being laid up with knee replacement, I booked to go north two to three weeks early. And the beaches here have red tide. So you might get a visitor.

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    Spring break was in Branson. We left Minneapolis after an overnight rain and snow, so the first 45 minutes was driving on ice. About 20 accidents in that drive. So, after a week in Branson, left after...Yup, ice and snow. Drove for 30 minutes with lots of hillbilly's driving into trees or flipping the cars over.

    August will find me staying at Vino Bello in Napa CA. First 3 days I am going to a carnivorous plant convention. My new and weird hobby, growing plants that eat bugs. After that, I will be punishing my liver in wine country.

    My wife and 2 of her girlfriends will be at the same resort about 3 weeks earlier. With that girls trip, I am better safe and sound in Minnesota.

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    Vintner, I think I can use those plants in the dells, mosquitoes have their headquarters under my deck.

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    Just got back from Daytona...a cruise and a week on Cocoa Beach in May, then heading to ME, New Brunswick and PEI this summer.

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