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Thread: Disney parks increases prices starting today

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    Thumbs up Disney parks increases prices starting today

    Last time I was there it was about half of this
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    The prices are crazy, but they are so smart. We will keep going. We took our kids there when it was affordable. They loved it so much that they want to take their kids there. Now that we have grandchildren, we will go back with them, and be paying for the whole bunch. And if I can still get around in 25 years, I’ll probably be paying for the great grands!

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    wow. Last time we went it was like $250 for a 4 day hopper. We took the kids and the grandkids. It was an expensive trip when everything was added up. It doesn't surprise me though. It seems like many things have gone up in price. I would like to take the family back to Disney World but the family is much larger now and the costs in airline alone would be over $10,000. I bet it would cost over $20,000 to do this trip again.

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    In the late 90's we took 2 adults and 3 kids to Disney World and we got one hell of a deal on air and tickets the whole trip cost under 2K for all 7 of us.

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    Yup, things are costing more these days. You know what that means ? Were getting old !!! lol

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    I'm not even surprised with this one.

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    Disney never makes sense for just 1 day tickets.
    They do that on purpose.
    They do not want you splitting your time between Disney and Universal and Sea World.

    And now that they are charging $200 for the RCI "just cause we can" fee,
    it's even more of a reason to stay committed to the mouse for your whole trip.

    I bought a yearly pass last year end of October.
    I'll do another 2 trips before the pass expires and then skip the Mouse for a year.
    That way I get to go every year with an every other year ticket.
    Rented all my extra Disney points already for 2018 and part of 2019.
    In 2019 I'll just borrow 2020 and rent the rest.
    You gotta outsmart the mouse! LOL

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