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Thread: Best travel app in US

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    Best travel app in US

    Hi guys, December I am travelling to US, California. please suggest me best travel app so that I can visit best tourist spot there without any others help.

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    I use the trip advisor app, groupon app and gps apps. I usually have my trip dialed in before I leave.

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    Apps and site which I use in USA

    Well when ever I a in US (SF) I always have:

    1. Uber for local cab transportation
    2. Tripadvisor, I perfer their site, for hotel and restaurant reviews,
    3. is also a good one and
    4. One more which I can't remember, that I use for local business like saloon.....
    Will update that later.
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    Got it, it;s Yelp SF.

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    This is a good post. I am going to bookmark it. Thanks

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    Which post ?


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