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Thread: Ozarks Redux

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    Ozarks Redux

    The hill, or the OF Herd, seem to have sucked JLB under. No word here for months now.
    M. Henley

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    Last visit here was 10-05-2017 - so he was still lurking and sulking

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    Oh yeah, I heard his neighbor sucker punched him good. I like my neighbors so good I placed huge barricades between our properties before I built my house. Both side neighbors were pissed because I had a survey and fenced off the encroached property lines. One neighbor lost an entire hedge row and two birch trees. The other lost their dumping ground and a row of arbs. The one that had a dog that kept pissing on my new bushes was pissed when I told them to keep their dog out of my yard. They were even more pissed when my dog went through their doggie door and took a rotisserie chicken off their table.

    Then came the guns. The neighbor started shooting behind their house. It gave me a great idea. I put in my own shooting range. Then the neighbor decided to put in a light that shined on our hot tub and would turn it on when we were tubbing. I asked them to turn it off or redirect it many times but ended up shooting the light out with my kids bb gun. These people finally moved and we are still friends.


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    If this isn't an invitation only forum, he could be visiting without logging in.
    “Maybe you shouldn't dress like that.”

    “This is a blouse and skirt. I don't know what you're talking about.”

    “You shouldn't wear that body.”


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