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Thread: JFK to Disney Cruise Terminal

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    JFK to Disney Cruise Terminal

    Aside from using Disney's ground service, any suggestions for alternate transportation? Has anyone recently done either? There are only 2 of us.

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    A taxi from JFK is priced fixed. Maybe $55-60 plus toils. Could be $75+. Suggest you look it up. But you would have to stand in line to get a taxi. Uber could possibly be cheaper depending in time of day and what day of the week you are arriving.

    I live in preference would be for the very easy Disney transfer to the port. Have used them many times in Orlando and Europe. They know how to make your transfer easy.

    Relax and enjoy.

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    Thank you Pat. I was leaning that way, especially for just 2 of us. I think you are right... relax and enjoy...

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    I would suggest taking Uber as well.

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    I didn't know they had Uber in the country you live in.

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    I will check, but may just take the easy way....


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