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    Title Companies

    Hi Everyone
    I am selling my Uncle's Marriott Grand Vista property and was wondering what title company do you recommend? Can anyone tell me the average deed & title change fees?
    Thank you for your help.

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    I have used LT Transfers twice. They were quick, thorough, and reasonable.

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    Thank you. May I ask what's reasonable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanneGal View Post
    Thank you. May I ask what's reasonable?
    The basic package was under $200. They have escrow service for extra, if you desire. Plus there may be transfer fees charged by the resort.

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    I also used LT transfers and it was $150 at the time.
    They were efficient.
    Some resorts will also do the transfer in house.
    Not sure if Marriott does it but probably would charge more than LT.


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