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Thread: Marriott Timeshares for sale

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    Marriott Timeshares for sale

    Hi I am a friend of bigfrank and would like to list my timeshares for sale here. I am selling my 2 bedroom villas at the Grand Vista in Orlando and my Grand Ocean in Hilton Head properties. I am willing to sell for a fair price. I am new to these forums and appreciate your patience and assistance with me. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you!

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    Thanks Joanne for posting, Orlando is hard to get rid of because of all the resorts in Orlando but Hilton head might work out better as far as selling.
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    List it with if you are willing to do it yourself and know what you are doing. You need to be a member and that is free but to correspond with other members, who are advertising, costs you about $15 per year. To list a property has a listing fee but I have no idea how much. You can find out on their website. There are also brokers who specialize in certain areas and have good ratings but others may give you some names.

    There are many other similar sites like RedWeek but some will get a lot of scammers contacting you so be careful.

    Marriott has also a resale department so you could have them do it for you but the commission is 40% and they set the price. They will not take all listings at the moment so you would have to check with them.

    Many people use eBay but you will get the lowest price for your timeshare most likely.

    Good luck.

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    Joanne to get an idea of resale pricing you might check out this:

    There are many other sites out there and you might also do a search for "Marriott Timeshares for Sale" or even more specific search terms. Note that not all asking prices are realistic tho.

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    thank you! I'll look into

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    ok thank you. I'll look into it. The problem is I heard there are a lot of the sites or brokers are legit.

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    Just make sure you do not pay any company an upfront fee. That is the main caveat.

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    Interested if Grande Vista is Platinum?

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    I listed my timeshare for sale on both Redweek, and

    I had much better response from MyResortNetwork and sold it from my listing on them. Bear in Mind that I sold a very high demand Coastal California resort.

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    I have also had success with myresortnetwork. Read some of the descriptions others have written for similar units and take the best parts of what applies to your units when you post it.

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