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Thread: Phone battery draining

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    Phone battery draining

    My phone battery was draining quickly, so I replaced it. The new one is draining just as quickly. The phone is an android, I have not installed any new apps, but I am wondering if I have a virus. Any advice

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    This was happening to me, and it turned out that since Samsung did an upgrade, the music app is constantly activating. I don't ever even use that app, but each time I searched open apps, there is was, draining my battery. I looked up how to disable the app, but apparently you can't with this factory set app, so I just changed the settings for it to time out after 1 minute of use. It keeps re-activating, but at least it shuts off for a few minutes.
    This helped with the battery problem, but is only a band aid because I can't figure out how to get rid of the app.

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    I don't know what it is, but I am down to 25 per cent in five hours with a new battery

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    I have the same problem. I just downloaded a clean-up app and bought the pro version. I'm hoping that if I tidy everything up, there won't be so many messy little functions running constantly and the battery will last longer.

    That said, I keep my screen crazy bright, and that drains the battery fast. So if you can deal with a less-bright screen, you might try that.

    Have you looked at your storage manager to see what's using the battery?

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    Phone battery draining

    It stopped, I used a clean up ap, I removed my emails, and any games, I am going bare bones for now

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    it is an app that is causing the drain. On my old Samsung, it was a battery widget that was causing it
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