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Thread: RCI putting the squeeze of HOA's after Hurricane Matthew

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    RCI putting the squeeze of HOA's after Hurricane Matthew

    the last hurricane to damage timeshare resorts on the NC Outer Banks was Hurricane Isabel about twelve years ago. At that time, RCI gave HOA's of resorts that were shut down certificates for their members good for a deposit to exchange into RCI. They were low trading power deposits, but deposits none-the-less. Now with Hurricane Matthew, the situation is exactly opposite. Instead of helping HOA's through a bad time with rebuilding by giving extras, they are making financial demands.

    I was at an HOA meeting today, and it was announced that RCI was putting the squeeze on the HOA to either deposit a new week for every RCI deposit that could not be used due to the resort being shut down for repairs OR pay RCI $500 for each such week.

    RCI members can buy insurance against such acts of God during their exchange weeks, but RCI seems to be double dipping by making these demands of HOA's.

    This is another sign of the ways that RCI has changed, and not in a good way.

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    That sux. shaggy

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