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Thread: Is the Wyndham Owners Forum official dead?

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    Is the Wyndham Owners Forum official dead?

    For the last week or so...

    Nothing but "Service Unavailable"

    Traffic has been next to nothing for months but the files section had floor plans, resort maps, etc....

    Just wondering if anyone knows if it is officially dead...


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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterS View Post
    Just wondering if anyone knows if it is officially dead...
    I thought it already was, for some reason. I have not visited it in a very long time, and can't even remember why I stopped going.

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    If you want to bring the HOA forum here I can set it up
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    It isn't the HOA but a separate forum pulled from an old Wyndham Yahoo group.

    I have since heard that the server is down and they hope to restore it.

    When/if it comes up, I will extend your offer...

    The traffic is next to nothing and there is little value to the postings there,
    but those files they brought over from the Wyndham Yahoo group are handy for reference.

    The URL is if you want to keep an eye on it.


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    That forum was the first I found after buying my first Wyndham contract and where I first learned how to use this stuff. So lots of good information there, but participation dropped off for some reason and server problems didnt help

    Things got to the point where I could post a question and not get a response for days. I moved to TUG.. and so did a lot of others. I think the difference is that TUG is a paid membership model, so the guy that runs it has some incentive to keep it working

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    No question, the postings part had become useless but the archived maps and resort layouts were handy.
    I check TS4Ms and TUG at least once a day but rarely checked the Wyndham forum except to access the files.
    If it never comes back and all that info is lost, it would be a shame.
    As of today... still dead.


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