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Thread: Trading Places and VRI*ety

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    Trading Places and VRI*ety

    Dear Member,

    It comes with great pleasure that we are writing to inform you VRI*ety will soon be merging with Trading Places International to launch an exciting new exchange platform that will give you more flexibility and vacation choices. Our PRIME vacation destinations mixed with a CLASSIC set of benefits have always been at the forefront of the value and service we deliver to our members and will continue to be of the utmost importance to our exchange program now and in the future. Please be on the lookout for additional information as we get closer to the unveiling of our new product line.


    Your friends at VRI*ety and Trading Places

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    I moved this here in case someone has questions. I would like the rep to give us a bit more info on the new program
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    My MROP hs been with VRI / Vri-ety for a few years and the last three trades has alwaysw been thru Trading Places. Don't know what's new about that??? But I can never figure them out anyway. shaggy

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    My MROP is with VRI / Vri-ety and my last 3 exchanges have been thru Trading Places, so I don't know what's new??? But then, I can't figure out my MROP anyway. lol shaggy


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