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Thread: Need help choosing appropriate webcam and possible tripod for work

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    Need help choosing appropriate webcam and possible tripod for work

    I interview physicians as part of my job but usually they are either in person or on the telephone. I now have a project where I will be conducting interviews via a platform which requires a webcam.

    I use a desktop computer with two, wide-screen monitors. My issue is that most webcams hook onto the top of the monitor, and thus, when I am talking to someone, it doesn't look like I am looking at them when I look at the screen. (I need to observe what they are doing as part of the interview, so I can't just look at the camera.) I feel like someone must have invented some sort of webcam that hangs lower, down to the middle of the monitor screen, to prevent this issue, but I can't find anything like that. The closest remedy I can find is to use some sort of desktop tripod and mount the camera on it in front of my monitor so that I can see my screen but also still look like I'm looking at the respondent.

    I don't want to buy the wrong thing (company will reimburse but project is very soon), so would appreciate some advice on the best camera and tripod (or other solution) to purchase for this.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    You can try logitech webcam, which is cheaper and have good resolution.


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