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Thread: Something new. RCI deposit Restore SM Guidlines???

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    This can work nicely with some of my summer weeks with CMV
    You're right---this is a very nice deal for CMV UDI owners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carolinian View Post
    I am glad I am done with the RCI numbers racket and rental machine. The grass is so much greener on the SFX / DAE / UKRE side!
    I don't see that it's been mentioned, but you are right. It is RCI that decides to reduce trading power to encourage earlier deposit, and no one bats an eyelash about it.

    Then they turn around and give subscribers the privilege of restoring what they have taken away, for a fee, and no one bats an eyelash about it. Some even tout it as being a great deal.

    If trading power had never been reduced, it would not have to be restored, and if reducing trading power was only about encouraging earlier deposit, they would not allow it to be restored.

    Unless someone, somewhere, woke up on morning and said, "Ah hah! We can probably get $69 for undoing what we did.

    Same as deposits expiring. If there really is a reason for them to expire, then they should expire. But, someone, somewhere, woke up one morning and said, "Ah hah! We can charge to undo what we have done."

    Set a policy, then charge to undo the policy.
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