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Thread: RCI pisses me off !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaggy View Post
    It was a 1BR with an August week ( think checking in on the 11th) I did try to find out before hand but they couldn't tell me ???? Tis OK, I know next time to go try II . or just put it in VRIety exchange. I did so love it before they went to tpu's. If Wyndham didn't pay my RCI dues I wouldn't be with them.
    An August week at this resort would be a great trader in II.
    Try to deposit 10-12 months out for the best bang. And Chris is correct in that you will most likely get an AC as well.

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    When RCI went to Points Lite, I quit depositing with them. I still had some time left on a long term cheap SA membership, but that clock has run down and I am now free from RCI. I still have deposits with UKRE, SFX, and DAE, where I do my trading now. SFX has gotten me in to London, something I was never able to do with RCI, and has even offered me two other London weeks. DAE has gotten me lots of good summer trades in Europe. I have gotten a couple of good offers from UKRE, but for times I could not go.

    Who needs RCI and their numbers racket and rental racket? There are better options out there!

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    Hummm, this may be a good place for my week 32 Galway Bay Cottage.

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