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Thread: Club La Pension, NOLA

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    Club La Pension, NOLA

    Will be going there next month, and we aren't sure what to ask for in terms of room location. It appears that there are numerous configurations, balconies, no balconies, extremely noisy to just a bit noisY (it IS NOLA, after all), stairs, etc. Anyone here have any recommendations?

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    We faced the back thinking it would be quiet but the cabbies hung out in the alley beneath our window and woke us early daily. We didn't have a balcony. The apt was small but more than fine for a couple. It was railroad-style - enter living room (windowless), with kitchenette and bathroom in hallway and the bedroom (with windows) in the back. Our friends were scattered around in two other units and everyone was happy. I would go back.

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    This place is actually 5 separate and distinct buildings that the developer stitched together into one timeshare. I doubt that there are two identical units in the whole place
    Kitchens are minimal

    When I was there I was on the front with a balcony it was a great unit. Cant tell you about noise, I sleep like a rock

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    The sundeck rooms are nice (4th floor of building where the office is). Bedroom is upstairs with a shower. There is a small 1/4 bathroom downstairs. We are here now and the apartment is very nice.
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