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Thread: Magic Bands question

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    Question Magic Bands question

    We are staying at Saratoga Springs via an RCI exchange next month. What do I have to do to get registered? Will they mail our magic bands or can we pick them up when we check in? Do I need to create a Disney Account?

    Thanks. This is very confusing and although there is lots of info out there, can't seem to find answers.


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    Yes, you will need a Disney account if you don't have one already. If you have one, log in here:

    If you don't have one, create one here:

    After you have an account set up, call DVC Member Services, give them the names of all of the guests on your trip, and ask for the 12-digit resort reservation number. There is an 800 number in your RCI confirmation to call for this.

    Then, log in to your Disney account, and go to this link:

    You can click on the "Link Resort Reservation" button from there. Once your reservation is added to your MDE account, you can customize your magic bands for delivery. You have enough time to still do this; I think I confirmed my most recent exchange less than 3 weeks prior to arrival, and I had a short amount of time to customize bands.

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    Thanks. I followed your steps and all worked great. I got a wonderful Disney rep. who wouldn't let me off the phone until he was sure I knew how to do everything.
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    We are about ready to make a DVC reservation and this info will be helpful


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