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    Hi - I have a question about changing the name on my timeshare deed. When I bought the timeshare I bought it with my husband but at the time I had not changed from my married name, so the deed was issued in my maiden name and my husband's maiden name. When I got divorced, my ex signed, effectively, a quitclaim to transfer the timeshare from myself in my maiden name and my ex, to myself in my married name. (at the time the divorce was not final and so marriott said i had to transfer to the deed into my then married name.) The deed was then recorded with the county in my then married name. Now I am divorced and would like to change the name on the timeshare from my former married name to my maiden name. i understand that i have to file a deed with the county, but was trying to avoid the expense of using an attorney. Any advice?

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    Legal Timeshare Transfers will do it for about $130 or so -

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